Colombia: An Emerging Market Economy

Colombia: An Emerging Market Economy

Colombia qualifies as an emerging market economy due to its lower GDP per capita, HDI below developed country standards, and high economic growth rate.


Emerging market economies represent countries on the trajectory towards development, possessing characteristics that set them apart from both developed and underdeveloped nations. To be recognized as developed, a nation must surpass a GDP per capita of $12,000, though most advanced economies far exceed this figure. High Human Development Index (HDI) values, indicating quality of life encompassing education and healthcare, are another hallmark of developed countries. Notably, the HDI threshold for developed classification is 0.8, with Norway topping the list at 0.957 in 2020. Developed countries also showcase low birth rates and extended life expectancies due to improved living conditions.

Colombia's Current Position

Colombia aligns with the characteristics of an emerging market economy. Its GDP per capita, reaching $6,428.676 in 2019, remains below the developed country benchmark but surpasses many developing peers. The country's HDI stood at 0.767 in 2020, below the developed threshold yet showing promise. Though challenges persist in education, healthcare, and overall quality of life, Colombia has steadily enhanced these facets alongside its economic growth.

Colombia's Economic Growth

Colombia's exceptional economic growth rate further reinforces its status as an emerging market economy. As of 2019, the growth rate reached an impressive 3.3%. While Colombia might not match the prosperity of developed nations, its pace of progress is notably higher.

Colombia's Potential

Colombia's emerging market economy presents a promising opportunity for investors seeking high-growth potential. The country's strategic location between North and South America, abundance of natural resources, and diverse economy make it an attractive destination for foreign investment. Additionally, recent government efforts to reduce corruption and improve infrastructure have further strengthened the country's economic outlook. Overall, Colombia's economic growth and potential for further development make it an attractive market for investors seeking high returns.

To capitalize on Colombia's high-growth potential, investors should monitor the country's efforts to reduce corruption and improve infrastructure. With a GDP per capita and HDI suggesting continued growth and development, Colombia's emerging market economy presents a promising opportunity for investors seeking high returns.


Colombia embodies the essence of an emerging market economy, demonstrating lower GDP per capita and an HDI below the developed country threshold. Despite facing obstacles in education, healthcare, and quality of life, Colombia's remarkable economic growth rate of 3.3% in 2019 sets it apart. As the nation addresses these challenges in tandem with its burgeoning economy, it solidifies its place among the ranks of emerging market economies, poised for a promising future.


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