Discover FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO)

Discover FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO)

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Sports fans can now use blockchain technology to engage directly with their favorite teams and celebrities in new and creative ways. Fan tokens have become popular, offering an exclusive experience for avid supporters and sports lovers.

What Is a PORTO token?

In 1893, the FC Porto football club was established and has since gained the most international titles in the Portuguese Premier League, and impressive achievements in Europe, including the UEFA Champions League. To reward their supporters worldwide, the club collaborated with Binance in 2021 to introduce the FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO).

PORTO is the second sports fan token introduced through a token sale on the Binance Launchpad. It is a BEP-20 utility token on the BNB Chain with a total supply of 40 million tokens.

Use Cases

PORTO token serves several fan-engagement purposes. As a utility token, it gives holders governance rights to participate in voting polls related to the Portuguese football club. The more fan tokens they own, the greater their influence on fan-related decisions. For instance, PORTO holders can select the team's warm-up song for an upcoming match, as well as the welcome message displayed during a game.

Aside from governance rights, token holders can use their PORTO to purchase FC Porto's NFT Mystery Boxes. These boxes contain a unique collection of neutral, rare, or super rare NFTs. For example, the first PORTO NFT collection featured the team's legendary goalkeepers.

The PORTO NFTs go beyond digital collectibles; they can also be staked on the NFT PowerStation. Fans can power their fandom by staking the required NFTs and receiving additional PORTO rewards. The longer their NFTs remain staked, the greater their fan rewards. NFTs can also be traded on the NFT Marketplace.

In the future, token holders can use their PORTO for loyalty subscriptions, earn special rewards and fan badges, attend "meet and greet" events with team players, and receive complimentary merchandise. Fans can also utilize PORTO to purchase match tickets and pay for memberships on FC Porto's e-commerce platform.


Fan tokens are ushering in a new age of fan interactions, allowing fans to engage with their favorite teams in a novel way. As the Fan Token segment grows and adds to the use cases of fan tokens, fans of PORTO can look forward to even more exhilarating experiences in the future.