Discovering Hashflow (HFT)

Discovering Hashflow (HFT)

Trading cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges can present significant challenges. Not only are the transactions costly, but they can also be time-consuming and complex. Moreover, the sheer number of blockchains and tokens can be daunting. To make matters worse, most DEXs cannot assure a set price since the market can fluctuate before a trade is finalized.

Hashflow offers instant, safe trades of any asset on any blockchain with no commission. By connecting your wallet to Hashflow, you will get the exact price that is displayed — no additional cost or surprise fees. You can trust Hashflow to give you precisely what you see.

Cross-chain trading is simple and risk-free: just select which asset and blockchain you want to trade and get started. You will have the assurance of one-time trading at a fixed price, and no bridges are required!

Since its launch in August 2021, Hashflow has seen an impressive $11 billion in total trade volume alongside 170,000 unique users.


DEXs count on automated market makers (AMMs) to allow traders to purchase and sell assets, but these systems have shortcomings. AMMs make inefficient use of capital, often suffer from threats like "sandwich attacks" and "impermanent loss," and cannot price non-spot assets satisfactorily.

Hashflow utilizes a request-for-quote (RFQ) model to provide users an option to get quotes directly from market makers with zero slippage and complete MEV protection. Unlike pricing assets on-chain, Hashflow's RFQ model enables market makers to price assets off-chain, handling the settlement and swapping of assets on-chain.


Hashflow is a decentralized exchange offering users zero-slippage, MEV-protected trades, and commission-free price quotes. Hashflow also grants users access to native, bridge-free cross-chain swaps, enabling seamless trades across multiple blockchains with defined, always-accurate pricing.

Since its launch in August 2021, Hashflow has experienced the following:

  • The total amount of trade that occurred was worth more than $11 billion
  • More than 170,000 individuals engage in trades on the platform.
  • On average, the total daily trading volume is between $25 million and $30 million.
  • On a daily basis, the average number of active users is 1,800.
  • In the first six months after launching, a total trading volume of more than one billion dollars was achieved on Polygon and Avalanche.

Hashflow has managed to secure $28.2 million from three funding rounds, with support from Dragonfly Capital, Electric Capital, Galaxy Digital, Jump Crypto, Wintermute, and GSR.

How Does It Work?

Hashflow enables users to quickly and smoothly convert assets between different blockchains without needing to use any external token bridge.

Hashflow trades are safeguarded against both price fluctuations and MEV exploits, regardless if they take place locally on one blockchain or between multiple blockchains.

Hashflow leverages an amalgamation of both on-chain and off-chain RFQ systems in order to procure quotes from liquidity providers actively participating in on-chain pools. Market makers cryptographically sign quotes that stay the same throughout any transaction to ensure that the prices presented to customers remain unimpaired and can't be preyed upon by MEV bots.

Hashflow safeguards traders from experiencing any slippage in case of cross-chain MEV, which may transpire if the value of the asset changes significantly between the moment the transfer is validated on the source chain and the payload is broadcast onto the destination network.

HFT Token

The HFT token is the cryptocurrency powering the Hashflow protocol and Hashverse, the gamified governance system within the Hashflow ecosystem. HFT holders can stake their tokens to acquire privileges within the system, such as:

  • Hashflow governance utilizes a vote-escrow (VE) token model in which one's voting rights are correlated to the amount of HFT staked and how long the HFT is locked. By staking tokens, users are granted the privilege to express their opinions concerning the protocol's future through voting.
  • Hashverse is the world's first storyverse-driven and gamified DAO and governance platform. Staked tokens will be used to measure a user's health within the Hashverse. Users are free to adjust their staked tokens as desired to maintain their health rating. The protocol will also provide rewards to the community's most active participants, with a major factor in how these rewards are earned being the user's presence in the Hashverse.

What Differentiates Hashflow from Other Platforms?

Bridgeless Cross-Chain Swaps

Hashflow enables a fast and secure swapping of digital assets across chains without the need for additional bridges. All trades made on Hashflow are safeguarded from slippage and MEV attacks, whatever the trade might be — on one single chain or across chains.

Zero Slippage

The price displayed is the rate at which the quote will be executed.

Trades Are Secured From MEV

Cryptographic signatures prevent front-running and ensure traders receive the full reward for their transactions.

The Hashverse

Superconductor, a leading Hollywood creative agency, has developed the Hashverse as the first storyverse-driven, gamified DAO, and governance platform. Through this immersive storyverse, token holders will have the opportunity to collaborate and drive the future of the Hashflow protocol.

What Lies Ahead for Hashflow?

Hashflow will introduce the Hashverse DAO launch, along with non-EVM chain deployments (Solana, Aptos, Sui), smart order routing, limit orders, and more.


Hashflow's RFQ model for price discovery and bridgeless cross-chain technology set it apart from other DEXs and make trading a breeze. With its ever-expanding product line, ever-growing ecosystem, and powerful backers, Hashflow is ready and eager to provide the best trading experience possible in the DeFi sector.

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