Energy Institute (EI): Empowering the Energy Sector

Energy Institute (EI): Empowering the Energy Sector

The Energy Institute (EI) is a global organization based in London that supports professionals and scholars in the energy sector. With over 23,000 professionals from 100 countries, the EI promotes knowledge exchange, collaboration, and best practices for environmental protection and addressing the climate crisis. Through research, media outreach, education, and training programs, the EI promotes excellence in the energy industry. With a rich history and strong leadership, the EI is a vital force in the energy landscape.


The Energy Institute is a non-profit organization located in London, dedicated to supporting professionals and scholars involved in various energy sectors. Established in 2003, the EI holds the authority to confer essential certifications to engineers and environmentalists, serving as a vital resource for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of the energy domain.

A Global Network

Boasting a diverse membership of approximately 23,000 international professionals representing over 250 companies across 100 countries, the Energy Institute provides a platform for these individuals to engage in knowledge exchange and collaboration. This dynamic network transcends geographical boundaries, making it a hub for information sharing in the energy industry.

A Charitable Mission

Registered as a charity, the Energy Institute is guided by a noble mission - to deliver the requisite skills, knowledge, and best practices for safeguarding the environment during energy-related operations. Additionally, it seeks to advance the global energy transition mandated by the climate crisis. In this pursuit, the EI is at the forefront of the energy sector, addressing the pressing challenges it faces.

Fostering Collaboration

As a member of the Professional Associations Research Network, the EI remains up-to-date with the latest sector research and best practice guidance. This engagement empowers members by providing training and opportunities to confront the unique challenges that professional organizations encounter. By being part of this extensive network of professional bodies, the Energy Institute facilitates mutual learning and growth.

Multiple Objectives

The Energy Institute's objectives are multifaceted:

  • Scientific Research: It conducts or promotes scientific research, publishes the results, and offers facilities for study, research, and education.
  • Media Outreach: The EI is actively involved in publishing, producing, and distributing various forms of media, including films, recordings, and written, printed, or electronic communication. It also engages in advertising.
  • Information Repository: EI establishes and maintains libraries and collections, ensuring public access to this wealth of information. It collects data without restricting access based on agreements.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The EI holds conferences, meetings, seminars, and other events, promoting the presentation of learned papers.
  • Voluntary Work: Encouraging voluntary work in the interest of the EI.
  • Professional Standards: EI plays a pivotal role in developing and promulgating codes of good professional practice, setting standards for education, training, and experience in professions related to its objectives. It conducts examinations and awards certificates and diplomas.
  • Education and Training: EI institutes, establishes, and promotes educational and training courses, scholarships, grants, awards, and prizes.

Funding and Sustainability

As a not-for-profit entity, the Energy Institute sustains itself through a blend of income sources. These include fees from individual members, contributions from company members, as well as revenue generated from the sale of publications and event tickets. This financial model ensures the EI's long-term viability and its ability to fulfill its mission.

Training and Certification

The Energy Institute offers a range of training programs covering diverse areas, including environmental management, energy management, risk management, and oil and gas. It holds licenses from the Engineering Council of the U.K. to bestow Chartered, Incorporated, and Engineering Technician status upon engineers. It is also authorized by the Society for the Environment to grant Chartered Environmentalist status.

Prominent Events

Members of the EI have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events throughout the year. Notable among these is the International Petroleum Week, a three-day series of seminars and conferences focusing on the oil and gas industry. This prestigious event attracts senior figures from the energy sector and culminates with a grand dinner attended by over 1,300 participants. Furthermore, in November, the Energy Institute bestows the EI Awards upon individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the energy industry.

The History of the Energy Institute

The Energy Institute has a rich history, born from the merger of two esteemed institutions: the Institute of Petroleum, founded in 1913, and the Institute of Energy, founded in 1925. This union in 2003 laid the foundation for the organization we know today.

Leadership Through the Years

From its inception until 2021, the Energy Institute was led by Louise Kingham, a professional with over 24 years of experience in the energy sector. Notably, she had served at both the Institute of Petroleum and the Energy Institute before the merger, emphasizing her deep commitment to the industry.

As of 2021, the current Chief Executive of the Energy Institute is Nick Wayth, a seasoned veteran with 22 years of experience at BP plc. In his most recent role as the Chief Development Officer of Alternative Energy, Wayth led BP's strategy and business development across a broad spectrum of renewable technologies.

Council Leadership

The Council President of the EI is Steve Holliday, former Chief Executive of National Grid plc and the current Chairman of CityFibre and Zenobe. His leadership ensures that the EI remains at the forefront of energy industry developments.


The Energy Institute is a global pillar of knowledge and support in the energy sector. Its mission to provide essential skills, knowledge, and good practices for environmental protection and the energy transition in the face of the climate crisis underscores its significance. With a history rooted in the merger of two venerable institutions, the Institute of Petroleum and the Institute of Energy, the EI continues to thrive under the capable leadership of CEO Nick Wayth and Council President Steve Holliday. Its diverse membership of over 23,000 professionals from 100 countries, coupled with a commitment to education, research, and networking, ensures that the EI remains a vital force in the ever-evolving energy landscape.

Energy Institute (EI)
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