Exploring Ankr

Exploring Ankr

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Ankr provides an easy-to-use Web3 infrastructure to help developers, decentralized applications, and stakers interact with a diverse range of blockchains. Through Ankr, users can access APIs and RPCs to quickly and easily build decentralized apps, stake on Ankr Earn and get tailored solutions to meet their blockchain enterprise needs.

The Ankr Protocol utilizes the ANKR token to facilitate all activity. Requests to blockchains, rewards for independent node providers, and rewards for ANKR holders staking their tokens to full nodes can all be paid for with ANKR.


The popularity of cross-chain and multi-chain opportunities among investors and users has surged recently. Thanks to the mounting Web3 ecosystem, maneuvering across different blockchains has never been easier. Ankr is the go-to option for those seeking an uncomplicated way to engage with multiple blockchains. 

Ankr is a platform that makes running distributed cloud applications easy and secure. It uses blockchain technology to enable businesses to adopt the most advanced cloud services while reducing costs and accelerating the development of innovative digital solutions. Ankr caters to a wide range of clientele, from developers to crypto investors.


In 2017, Chandler Song and Ryan Fang founded Ankr, a Web3 platform that provides users access to multiple blockchains'/infrastructure's exclusive features through one decentralized system. With its mainnet launch in 2019, anyone can contribute a node to the Ankr Protocol and be awarded for accommodating requests from blockchains worldwide. Besides, developers and initiatives that want to avoid the troubles of configuring and maintaining their nodes can pay to use available decentralized nodes on the Ankr Protocol. Additionally, users who want to stake or validate across blockchains may effortlessly use Ankr to oversee this process.

You can now stake ANKR on a variety of leading blockchains, including Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum (ETH), BNB Smart Chain (BNB), Avalanche (AVAX), Polkadot (DOT), and Kusama (KSM).

What Is the Process for Using Ankr?

It is crucial to comprehend that Ankr is not a blockchain. Instead, it is a set of tools designed for developers, stakers, and enterprises. Its significant benefits include:

Decentralized Node Infrastructure Services

Node services that are powered by a decentralized infrastructure are gaining increasing amounts of traction.

The decentralized infrastructure of Ankr can provide various benefits to DeFi platforms, NFT projects, blockchain games, and DApps. With many high-functioning independent nodes located throughout the globe, these applications can experience quicker, more resilient, and affordable connectivity to blockchains.

If you need more technical knowledge and time to set up a blockchain node, Ankr can provide a solution for you. Their Protocol includes nodes located worldwide, from which you can request data. You don't need to worry about the time and effort of node deployment, as Ankr will deploy a dedicated node that you can access from any remote location.

Premium API and RPC Endpoints for Developers

To deploy smart contracts and DApps to a blockchain, developers must work with specific APIs, which traditionally involves running their own nodes and synchronizing them with the blockchain's current state, a process that can take several hours. Ankr Protocol offers an innovative solution that eliminates the need for developers to run their own nodes. Instead, Ankr provides instant API (Application Programming Interfaces) services and RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) access through their network of decentralized node providers. This allows developers to focus on building their applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

To avoid competing traffic from other users on shared servers, it's essential to have dedicated APIs and RPCs when interacting with blockchains. Ankr offers API endpoints that provide access to the entire chain's data, saving you the hassle of setting up your own infrastructure. By using Ankr's API, your DApp will have access to all the information it needs to run smoothly, resulting in an improved user experience.

Liquid Staking

With ANKR, you can stake funds across multiple chains, meaning you don't have to worry about losing liquidity. Additionally, reward-earning tokens are issued that represent your staked funds. These "liquid staking tokens'' can be used in the DeFi space for additional earning strategies like liquidity mining, yield farming, lending, and more. Therefore, Ankr's innovative staking mechanism helps you unlock the value of your staked investments by allowing you to earn in more places.

To start staking, you must link your wallet to the Ankr platform. Ankr supports a variety of wallets so that you can stake multiple crypto assets easily. As an example, let's look at staking ETH. After completing the process, you'll be rewarded with aETHb or aETHc tokens. These reward-bearing tokens provide liquidity for your ETH that is locked according to Ethereum 2.0's protocols.


Ankr provides a Web3 Infrastructure-as-a-Service model tailored to meet the needs of enterprise organizations and businesses. This model offers access to API and RPC services through a monitoring platform and is especially suited for those managing multiple blockchain networks. This solution has been designed to fulfill the specific requirements of businesses as opposed to smaller projects, DApps, and individual users.

What is ANKR?

ANKR represents the utility token for the Ankr platform, and it operates on both the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain ecosystems as an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token. The maximum supply of ANKR is 10,000,000,000, and the token plays a significant role in the decentralized infrastructure marketplace of the Ankr Protocol.

The ANKR token serves as a payment method for premium services for Ankr Protocol users and as a staking instrument for independent node providers to earn ANKR rewards while serving traffic. Additionally, token holders can stake ANKR to safeguard the Protocol and partake in the rewards.

Furthermore, remote access to your Ankr-run node can be paid for using ANKR, and the governance mechanism of Ankr can be leveraged by using ANKR to vote. ANKR, as a result, can serve as both a utility token and a governance token within the Ankr network. ANKR is an essential component of the Ankr Protocol for users, providers, and stakers, making it more akin to PancakeSwap's CAKE than native cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH that operate on their network.


Whether you're a blockchain user, builder, or enterprise, Ankr has something for you. Staking users can get all their funds in one place with a suite of different blockchains. Builders can tap into Ankr's decentralized multi-chain development tools and quickly expand availability to other networks. Enterprises can get custom solutions integrating staking products, infrastructure, and more with their platform. With its growing suite of Web3-focused services, Ankr is one of the fastest-growing providers of decentralized infrastructure.

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