Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX): Predicting Entertainment Industry Performance

Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX): Predicting Entertainment Industry Performance

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The Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) is an online prediction market where participants use virtual currency to bet on the entertainment industry's success. Created in 1996 by Max Keiser and Michael R. Burns, it's now owned by Cantor Fitzgerald. Users trade in Hollywood dollars, and each investment has a unique ticker symbol. HSX offers insights into movie successes, although it can be manipulated. It's a fun way to predict film performance and earn Hollywood Dollars.


The Hollywood Stock Exchange is an innovative online prediction market where participants speculate on various aspects of the entertainment industry. Instead of using real money, users trade in virtual credits known as Moviestocks, Starbonds, Celebstocks, TVStocks, Movie Funds, and derivatives. These trades are conducted using "Hollywood dollars," and each investment is assigned a ticker-like symbol, like "IRNM3" for the movie Iron Man 3.

The Origins of the HSX Game

The HSX game employs virtual specialist technology developed by Max Keiser and Michael R. Burns, its co-founders. Established in 1996, it's now owned by Cantor Fitzgerald, a brokerage firm that introduced a real-world exchange similar to HSX, known as the Cantor Exchange, in 2010. In its earlier versions, the game included a music market, rewards for top performers, and even a "buyout" program where top players could sell their portfolios on eBay for $1 per $1 million of exchange currency. These features have since been discontinued.

During the dot-com boom, HSX attracted private investment and advertised on cable channels. After the dotcom crash, it was acquired by Cantor Fitzgerald, which uses Moviestock prices to support its gambling operations in the UK, allowing bettors to wager on the earnings of US films. New users signing up for HSX receive an initial allocation of H$ 2,000,000 in virtual Hollywood Dollars to kickstart their participation in the game.

Prediction Markets

The Hollywood Stock Exchange functions as a prediction market in the form of a game. Prediction markets are designed for trading based on the likelihood of specific events occurring. These markets offer contracts that trade between 0% and 100%, essentially acting as binary options. Prediction markets are highly accurate and belong to the broader concept of crowdsourcing, gathering information on specific topics.

Prediction markets cover a wide range of subjects, and some, like the Iowa Electronic Markets, use real money. In recent years, prediction markets have gained popularity, particularly in predicting election outcomes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HSX


  1. Low Entry Barriers: HSX has few obstacles to entry, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  2. Early Market Insights: It provides valuable market information, enabling early predictions of movie successes and failures.


  1. Manipulation Vulnerability: Due to the number of investors, the HSX can be relatively easy to manipulate.
  2. Price Sensitivity: Prices are highly sensitive to events like casting announcements, which can impact investments significantly.

Example: Investing in Al Pacino's Career With HSX

Imagine you believe Al Pacino, thanks to the re-release of the Godfather films, is poised for a career resurgence and you want to capitalize on it. You can use your Hollywood Dollars to buy (go long) an Al Pacino StarBond at a specific price. Alternatively, if you think Pacino's time has passed, you can short-sell his StarBond, allowing you to profit from its declining value. Whether you go long or short, when the market moves in your favor and your investment reaches a satisfactory return, you can sell your position and pocket the extra Hollywood Dollars as profit.


The Hollywood Stock Exchange offers an exciting opportunity to engage in predicting the outcomes of upcoming films and the careers of movie stars. As a newcomer, you receive two million Hollywood Dollars to initiate your trading adventures. Successful trades not only earn you more Hollywood Dollars but also propel you toward mogul status in this captivating prediction market for entertainment enthusiasts.

Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX)
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