MANTRA (OM): A Beginner's Guide

MANTRA (OM): A Beginner's Guide

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In 2020, MANTRA unveiled its vertically-integrated blockchain ecosystem, formerly known as MANTRA DAO. Through an open and honest approach to crypto trading, fund-building, and innovation, the ecosystem strives to make pioneering with cryptocurrencies more personal, secure, and reliable. The OMniverse is a virtual world allowing its users to create, collaborate, and connect with others all around the globe.

MANTRA's rebrand introduced the OMniverse as the company's new all-encompassing ecosystem. It consists of four "stacks" offering various products and services to retail and institutional investors: MANTRA Nodes, MANTRA Chain, MANTRA Finance, and MANTRA DAO. Each stack features cutting-edge products that come together to form the MANTRA ecosystem.


MANTRA Nodes are the keystone for the OMniverse's vertical integration stack, driving income for the enterprise and growing Sherpa community accounts by creating new yield-generating openings across multiple blockchains. These validator nodes help MANTRA blaze a trail in novel and growing blockchain networks and enter the bigger institutional sphere as a digital domain. It also creates the potential to extend MANTRA's DeFi multi-chain ecosystem.

MANTRA provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), allowing customers to set up their validator nodes from institutions and individuals quickly. Its Nodes service line comprises node management, on and off-chain retail staking, institutional nodes, and cloud / white-label node development and deployment, doing it the perfect one-stop service for customers seeking a fuss-free node experience.

MANTRA Hybrid Chain

MANTRA Chain is the protocol at the core of the Cosmos ecosystem. It is a blockchain project providing developers with various tools to create games, secure and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), web3 applications, and more. It also has inter-chain operability with other blockchains in Cosmos through the IBC module. Additionally, its EVM compatibility creates a user-friendly development environment combining the flexibility and reliability of both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems.

MANTRA Chain leverages a robust and decentralized identity (DID) module for KYC and anti-money laundering requirements. This module provides tools for creating products featuring superior features and rich ecosystems.

MANTRA Finance

MANTRA Finance strives to bridge the gap between DeFi and TradFi by allowing users worldwide to freely trade, issue, and earn digital assets without needing third-party custodians and permission. With its cutting-edge speed and transparency features, the platform will revolutionize access to the financial industry and unlock opportunities previously unavailable.


Since the beginning, MANTRA has emphasized the involvement of its community throughout each stage, and its transparent governance system serves as the foundation for uniting the people. To link with a broader community beyond the OMniverse and Sherpas, M DAO is working hard to introduce this narrative and structure to other protocols and projects.

The stack provides DAO services that make various DAOs more secure and efficient. These services can range from financial services to human resource management. Such DAO solutions include treasury management, DAO issuance and launchpads, DAO governance and grants, and DAO staking and DeFi.

Two successful DAO collaborations are HeliSwap, the first decentralized exchange, and DAO on the Hedera blockchain, and ZENSTAR, the first money-market platform built on the Astar network on Polkadot.

OM Token

The OM Token aims to incentivize and reward natural growth in social media networks. The OM token is the native token of the OMniverse and offers a range of useful benefits, including:

Governance. Stakers of the OM network can propose ideas, participate in governance polls, and suggest enhancements for the multiple products in the OMniverse.

Staking. OM holders can earn a passive income by staking their coins on MANTRA's web application.

Airdrops potential. OM holders receive exclusive advantages to all upcoming DAO token launches and token airdrops from partnered organizations.


Users of MANTRA's secure, safe, and personal ecosystem must become acquainted with its Infrastructure's intricacies to make the most of OMniverse services. Despite its commitment to user security, the cryptocurrency industry carries many risks that should be noticed.


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