MOEX: Moscow Exchange and the IMOEX Russia Index

MOEX: Moscow Exchange and the IMOEX Russia Index

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The Moscow Exchange, formed from the merger of two exchanges, is Russia's biggest exchange. It provides a wide range of financial services, including trading in stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign currency, money markets, and precious metals. The MOEX Russia Index monitors the top 50 Russian stocks and MOEX's IPO in 2013 reinforced its position as a leading financial institution. Key stakeholders are entities like the Central Bank of Russia, Sberbank, and Capital Research and Management from the US.


The Moscow Exchange (MOEX) is a pivotal player in Russia's financial landscape, arising from the merger of two prominent Russian exchanges: the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and the Russian Trading System (RTS) on December 19, 2011. This merger created Russia's largest exchange and was often referred to as MICEX-RTS.

MOEX serves as a robust platform for trading across various financial instruments. It accommodates trading in equities, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange (forex), money markets, and precious metals. Additionally, it operates as Russia's central securities depository, safeguarding crucial financial assets, and serves as the country's most extensive clearinghouse.

IMOEX: Russia's Top 50 Stocks

The MOEX Russia Index, commonly known as IMOEX, stands as a testament to Russia's economic strength. This index meticulously tracks the performance of the 50 largest and most liquid stocks spanning ten diverse sectors within the Russian economy. It utilizes a capitalization-weighted methodology, giving greater prominence to companies with larger market capitalization. Notable holdings in this index include Gazprom (GAZP), Sberbank (SBER), Aeroflot (AFLT), Rosneft (ROSN), and Novatek (NVTK).

Going Public: MOEX's IPO

MOEX embarked on its public journey with an initial public offering (IPO) on February 15, 2013, raising a significant 15 million rubles, equivalent to $400 million. In the company's 2020 annual report, key stakeholders emerged, featuring institutions such as the Central Bank of Russia, Sberbank, Vnesheconombank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Capital Research and Management from the United States, highlighting MOEX's international appeal.

MOEX Operations

Stock Market

Within the stock market realm, MOEX stands as a thriving hub for trading Russian and foreign shares, depository receipts, mutual fund units, and other equity-based transactions. Foreign issuers have the opportunity to list their securities on MOEX either directly or through Russian depository receipts, further expanding the exchange's global reach. An essential milestone occurred on September 27, 2021, when MOEX gained the status of a qualified derivatives dealer as per U.S. tax regulations, facilitating settlement in USD.

Debt Market

MOEX extends its influence into the debt market, enabling the trading of various instruments. These include OFZs (issued by the Russian government), regional and municipal bonds, Russian corporate bonds, and mortgage-backed securities, all of which contribute to MOEX's comprehensive financial ecosystem.

Precious Metals Market

Precious metals find their place in the MOEX ecosystem through both the Foreign Exchange Market and the Precious Metals Market. These markets provide a platform for trading in valuable commodities, adding diversity to MOEX's offerings.

Money Market

Repurchase agreements (repos) operate through a central clearing counterparty on MOEX's money market. This segment welcomes banks, brokerage firms, and non-financial institutions, allowing them to actively engage in this financial arena.

MOEX Standardized Derivatives

MOEX ensures transparency and security in its standardized derivatives transactions. It mandates that all such transactions must be cleared by a central counterparty, promoting stability and reliability in the derivatives market.


MOEX is the pinnacle of Russia's financial infrastructure. It was created by the merger of MICEX and RTS and offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including stock and debt market trading, precious metals trading, money market activities, and standardized derivatives. The IMOEX tracks Russia's top 50 stocks, showcasing the nation's economic prowess. MOEX's IPO in 2013 was a significant milestone in its history, solidifying its position as a prominent financial institution. Major stakeholders hail from both Russia and the United States.

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