Overview of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX)

Overview of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX)

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The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the world's oldest stock exchange, established in 1602. It is currently a leading equity index within Euronext Amsterdam and includes over 20 of the most actively traded Dutch companies, such as Unilever, ING Group, Philips, and Royal Dutch Shell. The exchange has undergone significant changes in ownership and governance and is now known as Euronext Amsterdam, Europe's largest cash equities market.


The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, often referred to as AEX holds a unique place in the annals of financial history. Established in 1602 in tandem with the formation of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), it proudly wears the title of the world's oldest functioning stock exchange. This article delves into the intriguing evolution of AEX, spanning centuries of financial innovation and global commerce.

Historical Origins of AEX

As European trade expanded and the Dutch East India Company set sail on voyages for spices and slaves in the early 17th century, a financial institution was needed to support these expeditions. The Dutch East India Company, a pioneering joint-stock enterprise, sought investment from individuals willing to fund their ambitious expeditions. Consequently, there arose a demand for a secure and well-regulated platform where shares of these burgeoning global enterprises could be bought and sold.

Before AEX came into existence, various regions and towns had rudimentary systems for assessing assets and regulating trade, functioning akin to nascent stock exchanges. However, AEX can be considered the world's first official stock exchange in the modern sense.

The Transformation of AEX

During its long existence, AEX has undergone several significant changes in ownership and governance. Notably, in 1997, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange merged with the European Options Exchange (EOE), leading to the renaming of its blue-chip index as AEX, an acronym for "Amsterdam Exchange."

Further reshaping its identity, in September 2000, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange amalgamated with the Brussels Stock Exchange and the Paris Stock Exchange, forming Euronext Amsterdam. Euronext stands as Europe's largest cash equities market. For a period, it fell under the aegis of NYSE Euronext, an entity overseeing multiple exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, London's Liffe, and NYSE Arca Options. However, in 2014, Euronext regained its independence. By 2017, it had earned its place as the sixth-largest combined stock exchange by market capitalization.

AEX Equity Indexes

AEX, AMX, and AScX are three prominent equity indexes within Euronext Amsterdam, with AEX being the foremost. It was inaugurated in 1983 and consists of over 20 of the most actively traded Dutch companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam, including international giants like Unilever, ING Group, Philips, and Royal Dutch Shell. AEX is one of the preeminent national indices within the broader Euronext stock exchange group, alongside Brussels' BEL 20, Paris's CAC 40, and Germany's DAX.

Real-World Application

The composition of the AEX index is meticulously reviewed on a quarterly basis, with comprehensive evaluations in March and interim assessments in June, September, and December. Any changes resulting from these evaluations are implemented on the third Friday of the respective month. It's worth noting that prior to 2008, changes to the index only occurred in March each year.

AEX is a market capitalization-weighted index, with the initial weight of any single company capped at 15%. The weightings within the index are calculated based on the closing prices of the relevant companies as of March 1. During quarterly reviews, the adjusted weightings closely align with those of the previous day and are not subject to recapping.


The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, birthed in the 17th century, has weathered centuries of financial evolution, mergers, and global economic changes. Its transformation into Euronext Amsterdam and the prominence of AEX as a leading equity index underscore its enduring significance in the world of finance. AEX, steeped in history and perpetually adapting to the demands of modern markets, stands as a testament to the enduring power of financial innovation.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX)
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