Round Trip Transaction Costs (RTTC) Explained

Round Trip Transaction Costs (RTTC) Explained

Round trip transaction costs (RTTC), including commissions and fees in financial transactions, have been reduced in the past two decades due to the end of fixed brokerage commissions. Yet, they remain important when buying securities, similar to the 'all-in cost' concept.


All expenses in securities or financial transactions are included in round trip transaction costs. These costs consist of commissions, exchange fees, bid/ask spreads, market impact expenses, and sometimes taxes. As these costs can significantly diminish trading profits, traders and investors aim to minimize them. They are also referred to as round turn transaction costs.

A Closer Look

Round trip transaction costs impact different assets diversely. In real estate investment, these costs can notably exceed the asset's value compared to securities transactions. This is due to real estate expenses encompassing registration fees, legal charges, transfer taxes, listing fees, and agent commissions.

The past two decades have witnessed a substantial reduction in round trip transaction costs, driven by the elimination of fixed brokerage fees and the rise of discount brokerages. Consequently, these costs no longer hinder active investing as they did before.

The 'round trip transaction costs' concept resembles the 'all-in cost,' which encompasses all expenses in a financial transaction. 'All-in costs' cover total fees and interest in transactions like loans, CD purchases, or securities trades.

Costs and Profitability

Investors often involve a financial advisor or broker when buying or selling securities, leading to service fees. Sometimes, an advisor engages a broker for the transaction, resulting in both parties charging fees. To assess profitability or loss, investors must consider the total costs incurred.

RTTC Example

Let's consider shares of TechGen Inc. with a bid price of $25 and an ask price of $25.20, accompanied by a $15 brokerage commission. If you were to purchase and swiftly sell 150 shares using these bid and ask prices, the resulting round-trip transaction costs would amount to $45.

  • Purchase: ($25.20 per share x 150 shares) + $15 brokerage commission = $3,795
  • Sale: ($25 per share x 150 shares) - $15 brokerage commission = $3,735
  • Round-trip transaction cost: $3,795 - $3,735 = $45

Minimizing RTTC

Traders and investors aim to minimize round trip transaction costs to maximize their profits. They can do this by using limit orders, choosing low-cost brokers, trading during off-peak hours, and avoiding frequent trades. Additionally, investors can research market makers and exchanges to find the best bid/ask spreads and prices. By minimizing round trip transaction costs, traders and investors can enhance their profitability.

Importance of Monitoring RTTC

High-frequency traders, in particular, may be significantly impacted by round trip transaction costs. Monitoring these costs is crucial to ensure that traders and investors can maximize their returns and avoid unnecessary expenses. As such, it is recommended to regularly track and analyze your round trip transaction costs to identify areas where you can reduce expenses and improve profitability. This can be achieved by using specialized software and tools that are designed to calculate and analyze RTTC.


Round trip transaction costs are an important concept to understand for investors and traders alike. By minimizing these costs, traders and investors can maximize their profits. It is recommended to regularly track and analyze these costs to identify areas where expenses can be reduced and profitability can be improved.

Round Trip Transaction Costs (RTTC)
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