The Bond Buyer: A Comprehensive Resource for Municipal Bond Market Professionals

The Bond Buyer: A Comprehensive Resource for Municipal Bond Market Professionals

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The Bond Buyer is a prominent publication in the municipal bond industry, offering real-time market data and comprehensive coverage. It originated as a daily newspaper in 1891 and has since transitioned to digital platforms while maintaining a print edition. The publication provides regional insights, and legal notices, and hosts annual conferences. It is a vital resource for professionals in the municipal bond market, helping them stay informed and make well-informed decisions.


The Bond Buyer, a reputable trade publication for the municipal bond industry, originated as a daily newspaper in 1891 and now offers real-time market data through its digital subscription service. It is an essential resource for staying updated on municipal bond market developments.

A Brief History

The Bond Buyer, often dubbed the "Bible of the Municipal Bond Industry," has been a cornerstone of information for professionals in the municipal bond market since its inception. It was founded in 1891 by William F.G. Shanks, a Civil War correspondent and writer, under the name "The Daily Bond Buyer." Operating from New York City, it began its journey as a daily newspaper, serving as a vital source of information for the municipal bond industry.

Ownership Transition

In its long history, The Bond Buyer has seen changes in ownership. It is currently a subsidiary of Arizent, which also publishes the well-known American Banker. Interestingly, Arizent, formerly known as SourceMedia, Inc., initially belonged to the Thomson Corporation, which has since evolved into Thomson Reuters Corporation. However, in 2004, Arizent changed hands and was acquired by Investcorp, a private equity firm based in Bahrain. Then, in 2014, Arizent saw yet another change in ownership when it was purchased by Observer Capital, another private equity firm, founded by Joseph Meyer. These ownership transitions have not deterred The Bond Buyer from its core mission of serving the municipal bond industry.

Understanding The Bond Buyer

As a pivotal source of information for municipal bond market professionals, The Bond Buyer started as a daily newspaper. Over the years, it has evolved to adapt to the digital age. The publication retains its daily print edition, which is released five days a week, while also offering a continuously updated digital version throughout the business day. This transition to digital has significantly enhanced its reach and accessibility.

Print and Digital Offerings

The Bond Buyer's dedication to keeping professionals informed is evident in the dual nature of its offerings. The print edition maintains a traditional approach, ensuring that subscribers receive the latest news and developments in a tangible format. However, recognizing the growing importance of real-time information, The Bond Buyer has launched a subscription-based digital version that provides sophisticated real-time market data. This digital transformation has enabled subscribers to stay ahead of the curve by accessing intraday breaking news and archived content conveniently.

Regional Coverage

One distinctive aspect of The Bond Buyer is its regional approach to covering the municipal bond industry. It doesn't confine itself to a specific area; rather, it encompasses developments throughout the United States and the Caribbean region. This extensive coverage allows professionals to gain insights into various regional nuances and trends. Moreover, The Bond Buyer closely monitors the economic policies of the federal government, particularly the Federal Reserve Board, and analyzes how these policies impact municipalities and their debt offerings. This unique perspective aids professionals in making informed decisions in the dynamic municipal bond market.

The Bond Buyer Key Services

Real-Time Market Data

One of the significant services offered by The Bond Buyer is real-time market data. In September 2017, the publication announced a strategic partnership with Municipal Bond Information Services (MBIS). This partnership aimed to deliver real-time market data to subscribers through the Bond Buyer Data Workstation. This service has been instrumental in enhancing the website's industry coverage and analysis by combining it with sophisticated market data, similar to what is provided by financial giants like Bloomberg. Subscribers benefit from this comprehensive resource, which assists them in making well-informed decisions in the ever-changing municipal bond market.

Legal Notices and Bond Market Information

Another critical service provided by The Bond Buyer is its Legal Notices section. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) mandates that bond issuers publish announcements of new bond issues or amendments to existing bonds. The Bond Buyer's Legal Notices section acts as a centralized directory for current offerings, providing links to notices of sale for each issuance. This section also includes essential announcements such as notices of refunding, bankruptcies, tender offers, and offers to repurchase bonds. This centralized hub simplifies the process for bond market participants to access crucial legal information.

Annual Conferences: Regional Insights and Networking Opportunities

The regional approach of The Bond Buyer is reflected in its series of annual conferences hosted across the United States. These conferences typically focus on specific regional municipal bond market issues or sectors of the national bond market. Recent examples include events dedicated to leadership, legal aspects, and public finance. These gatherings serve as a platform for professionals to exchange ideas, network, and gain insights into region-specific challenges and opportunities within the municipal bond market.


The Bond Buyer stands as the foremost municipal investing publication in the United States. From its humble beginnings in 1891 as a daily newspaper covering the municipal bond market, it has evolved into a versatile and indispensable resource for industry professionals. Its commitment to providing real-time market data, legal notices, and regional coverage ensures that The Bond Buyer remains a reliable source for those interested in the municipal bond market. This publication's long-standing history and continuous adaptation to industry needs to solidify its position as an essential tool for navigating the complexities of the municipal bond market.

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