Understanding Statement Stuffer for Targeted Marketing

Understanding Statement Stuffer for Targeted Marketing

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Statement stuffers are ads included with account statements to upsell customers on additional services and products, ultimately helping financial firms retain customers by increasing switching costs.


Sales brochures included with monthly account statements are called statement stuffers, and they are utilized in direct marketing by financial service providers like banks and brokerages. They aim to upsell account holders on related services like credit cards and additional brokerage options.

Statement Stuffer Key Aspects

Providers with existing customer relationships utilize statement stuffers, which are a staple in financial marketing, to provide an overview of related services. For example, a banking customer with checking and savings accounts might receive a stuffer promoting lines of credit or retirement accounts. These promotions could originate from partner institutions, even though the customer is already being served by their primary institution.

Financial firms favor statement stuffers due to their cost-effectiveness in marketing to current users. In the digital age, "e-stuffers" are gaining traction as paperless banking becomes prevalent.

The strategy behind statement stuffers is to enhance profits by cross-selling, urging customers to adopt a broader range of products. Companies often attract new customers with competitive "loss leader" products initially. Despite their limited profitability, the goal is to capitalize on customer loyalty, offering more profitable services down the line.

Statement stuffers efficiently market these higher-margin products and services. They can also be used for non-commercial purposes, like notifying customers of account term changes.

Use of Statement Stuffers

Account statements often include statement stuffers, which promote additional financial services such as credit cards and loans. This approach extends beyond banking to the insurance sector, where a company offers various policies. For instance, auto insurance could lead to promotions for homeowners' or renters' insurance from the same provider. This trend even includes investment services such as annuity products.

What's the Motivation for Companies?

To comprehensively serve their customers' financial needs, financial firms strive to provide a range of services and products. When customers utilize multiple services from one provider, the hurdle of switching due to cost and complexity becomes more significant. Consequently, these firms strive to maximize their "share of wallet," representing the total amount customers spend on their offerings.

Similarly, banks and financial companies expand their product range into insurance, stock brokerage, retirement planning, and more. Through methods like statement stuffers, they advertise these services, fostering customer loyalty by centralizing financial activities with a single institution. If executed effectively, this diversification and direct marketing approach deter clients from switching providers, establishing a reliable and steadfast customer base.


Statement stuffers are a cost-effective way for financial service providers to market additional services to existing customers. By promoting related services such as credit cards, loans, and insurance policies, companies can increase their "share of wallet" and establish a loyal customer base. Through the use of statement stuffers, companies can retain customers while also enhancing profits and expanding their range of products and services.

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