Understanding the Bond Buyer Index: A Crucial Benchmark in the Municipal Bond Market

Understanding the Bond Buyer Index: A Crucial Benchmark in the Municipal Bond Market

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The Bond Buyer Index, also known as BB40, is a crucial benchmark in the municipal bond market. It is published by The Bond Buyer, and it represents 40 highly-rated, long-term municipal bonds. This index is used by investors, traders, and investment advisers to monitor and trade municipal bond index futures, evaluate high-rated municipal bonds, and track interest rate patterns. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the basics of the Bond Buyer Index, how it's calculated, and its significance in the municipal bond market.


The Bond Buyer Index, also known as the Bond Buyer's Municipal Bond Index or simply BB40, is a fundamental financial indicator that plays a pivotal role in the municipal bond market. This index is meticulously maintained and published by The Bond Buyer, a reputable daily finance newspaper that specializes in covering the municipal bond market.

What Comprises the Bond Buyer Index?

The Bond Buyer Index tracks the performance of 40 carefully selected, long-term municipal bonds that are held in high regard in the financial market. These bonds, which are used to calculate the index, are chosen based on stringent criteria. The selection includes:

  • General Obligation (GO) Bonds: These are considered among the most reliable bonds and are included in the index.
  • Revenue Issues: These are also part of the index and are highly rated at A or better.
  • Specific Criteria: To be eligible for inclusion in the Bond Buyer Index, the bonds must meet certain specific criteria, including:
    • A term portion of at least $50 million ($75 million for housing issues).
    • A minimum of 19 years remaining until maturity.
    • A first call date ranges from seven to 16 years.
    • At least one call at par before redemption.

However, it's important to note that certain types of bonds are excluded from this index. These exclusions encompass taxable bonds, variable-rate bonds, and private placements. Moreover, the bonds subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and fixed-rate re-marketings are also not part of the Bond Buyer Index.

Significance for Investors, Traders, and Investment Advisers

Investors and Traders

The Bond Buyer Index is invaluable for both investors and traders in the municipal bond market. It serves as a reliable indicator of interest rate patterns, enabling investors to make informed decisions regarding their portfolios. Traders, on the other hand, use the daily Bond Buyer Index as a basis for trading municipal bond index futures and futures options on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).

Investment Advisers

Investment advisers depend on the Bond Buyer Index for assessing and tracking changes in new issues of highly-rated municipal bonds. The index offers a comprehensive overview of the municipal bond market's performance, helping advisers make sound recommendations to their clients.

Bond Buyer Index Calculation

The calculation of the Bond Buyer Index is a meticulous process that involves the use of price quotations provided by six municipal bond dealers. These quotations are obtained twice daily, at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. It's during these intervals that the value of the index is computed. The resulting value is expressed in points and 32nds (thirty seconds).

Additionally, the components of the Bond Buyer Index are adjusted bi-monthly, ensuring that the index remains representative of the market's dynamics.

Bond Buyer Index Examples

The Bond Buyer Index doesn't operate in isolation. It's part of a broader family of indices that cater to specific market segments. These include:

Bond Buyer 20 (BB20) Index

The Bond Buyer 20 Index is a subset of the Bond Buyer Index. It tracks the yields of 20 general obligation municipal bonds. This index, like its larger counterpart, serves as an essential benchmark in the municipal bond market.

Bond Buyer 11 (BB11) Index

The Bond Buyer 11 Index is another specialized index that focuses on 11 carefully selected municipal bonds. This subset provides a narrower perspective but is still a valuable reference point for market participants.

Revenue Bond Index

The Revenue Bond Index concentrates on revenue issues within the municipal bond market. It helps investors and traders assess the performance of these specific bonds.


The SIFMA Index, short for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Index, is yet another important indicator in the municipal bond market. It provides insights into the broader financial market's performance.

Municipal Market Data (MMD) Curve

The Municipal Market Data Curve offers a detailed curve representing the yields of municipal bonds with different maturities. This curve is invaluable for investors and traders seeking to understand yield trends across various timeframes.


The Bond Buyer Index is a vital component of the municipal bond market, offering investors, traders, and investment advisers valuable insights into the performance of highly rated, long-term municipal bonds. It serves as a benchmark for municipal bond index futures traded on the Chicago Board of Trade and plays a crucial role in guiding investment decisions and trading strategies. Moreover, it is part of a broader family of indices that collectively provide a comprehensive view of the municipal bond market's dynamics. By understanding the Bond Buyer Index and its associated indices, market participants can make more informed choices and navigate the complex world of municipal bonds with greater confidence.

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