What Are Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organizations (NRSROs)?

What Are Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organizations (NRSROs)?

The SEC acknowledges the credit rating agencies known as Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organizations (NRSROs). Credit rating agencies assess the creditworthiness of companies and financial instruments. Currently, the SEC approves ten NRSROs, but there are some others without NRSRO status.


Unveiling the essence of creditworthiness lies in the domain of nationally recognized statistical ratings organizations. These credit rating agencies, sanctioned and validated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), undertake the pivotal task of evaluating firms and financial instruments.

While numerous credit rating organizations exist, only a select group has attained the prestigious NRSRO status. In the current landscape, a total of 10 NRSROs have secured registration under the vigilant oversight of the SEC. Guiding the regulatory framework for NRSROs, the SEC Office of Credit Ratings diligently administers its comprehensive set of rules.

Decoding NRSROs: A Historical Exploration of Credit Rating Agencies

Embarking on a journey through the realm of credit rating agencies (CRAs), we unravel their profound significance in analyzing entities that issue securities. Witness the evolution of ratings and agencies, originating in the United States and expanding to support global investors.

To earn the prestigious status of a nationally recognized statistical ratings organization, agencies must garner recognition from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission while consistently delivering trustworthy and credible credit assessments. Factors such as agency size, operational capabilities, and financial resources are meticulously evaluated by the SEC, shaping the determination.

The credit ratings bestowed by NRSROs find themselves indispensable in multiple realms of government regulation. Additionally, federal and state agencies rely on these ratings as benchmarks, mirroring the sentiments of investors. Moody's Investors Service Inc., S&P Global Ratings, Fitch Ratings Inc., and Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC are a few notable examples of present-day nationally recognized statistical rating organizations. In 2010, a significant milestone was achieved with the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, augmenting the Commission's oversight in regulating NRSROs.

NRSROs: A Current Roster

To ensure effective regulation of expansive credit agencies, multiple layers of oversight have been established. One significant milestone was the enactment of the Credit Rating Agency Reform Act of 2006, empowering the SEC to regulate the internal operations, record-keeping, and select business practices of CRAs. Building upon this foundation, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, commonly known as Dodd-Frank, expanded the SEC's regulatory authority, emphasizing the necessity for credit rating methodologies disclosure.

Presenting an alphabetical catalog of NRSROs, the credit rating agencies currently registered, each name representing a gateway to SEC documents:

  • A.M. Best Rating Services, Inc.
  • DBRS, Inc.
  • Demotech, Inc.
  • Egan-Jones Ratings Co.
  • Fitch Ratings, Inc.
  • HR Ratings de México, S.A. de C.V.
  • Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
  • Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc.
  • Moody's Investors Service, Inc.
  • S&P Global


Nationally recognized statistical ratings organizations are crucial in assessing creditworthiness overseen by the SEC. Currently, ten NRSROs hold SEC registration, including Moody's, S&P Global, and Fitch Ratings. The SEC's Office of Credit Ratings ensures its credibility and transparency. The Dodd-Frank Act strengthened oversight of NRSROs, emphasizing disclosure of credit rating methodologies. NRSROs play a vital role in influencing government regulations, serving as benchmarks for investors. Overall, NRSROs' assessments impact investment decisions and market stability, guided by robust regulatory measures implemented by the SEC.

Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organizations (NRSROs)
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