What Is a Quoted Price?

What Is a Quoted Price?

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A quoted price for an investment or asset is the most recent agreed-upon price between buyers and sellers. The electronic ticker tape displays the quoted price along with the stock symbol, the number of shares traded, the price traded at, an indication of an increase or decrease from the last quoted price, and the amount of price change. The bid price is the highest price a prospective buyer is willing to pay for a security, commodity, or currency. The ask price, also known as the offer price, is the price a seller will accept for an asset or security. The bid-ask spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price, and liquid assets that can be easily bought and sold will have a small bid-ask spread.


The ever-fluctuating realm of financial markets bears witness to the fluid nature of quoted prices, which encapsulate the most recent exchange values of investments. This encapsulation extends beyond stocks alone, encompassing bonds, commodities, derivatives, and various assets. Subject to ceaseless alteration, these figures mirror the ebb and flow of market events and their impact on investment valuations. Such quoted prices encapsulate the prevailing bid and ask prices that harmonize the intentions of buyers and sellers in the intricate dance of economic exchange.

Quoted Prices Explained

Quoted stock prices are displayed on an electronic ticker tape that unfurls a real-time narrative of trading prices and volumes, ensuring a pulse on the very heartbeat of market activity. Operational hours for most significant exchanges span from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, orchestrating a synchronized dance of economic transactions. The ticker tape displays the stock symbol (ticker symbol Apple Inc. or TGT for Target Corporation), shares traded, price (in decimal form), increase or decrease from the last quoted price, and change in price.

Latest Quoted Price and the Dynamics of Bid and Ask Prices

At the heart of financial transactions lies the quoted price, a dynamic emblem of the most recent accord between discerning buyers and astute sellers. This harmony manifests through the symbiotic interplay of bid and ask prices, forming the bedrock of market transactions.

Bid Price

The bid price emerges as a declarative gesture, an offer poised by investors, traders, or dealers to seize possession of a security, commodity, or currency. This figure, the apogee of a potential buyer's valuation, signifies the apex sum they are prepared to relinquish for the coveted asset. Notably, the bid price occupies a prominent position on quote services and stock tickers, exemplifying the zenith of monetary dedication to security.

Ask Price

Contrastingly, the ask price steps forth as a counterpoint, embodying the sum a seller deems acceptable in exchange for the prized asset or security. Often cited as the offer price, this valuation perpetually eclipses its bid counterpart in a display of fiscal assertion.

The Crucible of Spreads: Measure of Liquidity

Nestled between the bid and ask prices, the spread emerges as a tangible metric, unveiling an asset's liquidity quotient or its ease of liquidation. Investments imbued with heightened fluidity exhibit slender spreads, sometimes a mere hair's breadth apart, indicative of their effortless marketability.

Upon execution of a purchase at the bid price, subsequent transactions might witness upward shifts in both the bid and ask, contingent upon demand dynamics. A security's prevailing value corresponds to its most recent transaction, often divergent from the bid and ask figures.

Accessible Quoted Prices: A Visual Guide for Independent Traders

Quoted prices appear in a rectangular frame on the self-directed portfolio management trading interface. Dynamic fluctuations characterize bids and asks, orchestrating a constant ballet upon substantial trading and heightened demand. In contrast, securities lacking robust coverage and substantial demand exhibit minimal oscillation in their quoted price throughout the trading day.

Quoted Prices and Market Participants

Diverse participants, such as corporate leadership, investor relations, institutional investors, and retail traders, keenly track quoted stock prices. Traders, an integral subset, maintain unwavering vigilance over these prices, adeptly predicting their shifts to inform strategic maneuvers for clientele and personal portfolios. Traders affiliated with financial establishments typically operate using the institution's resources, whereas independent traders, unencumbered by the trappings of a larger entity, stand to fully reap the rewards of their gains.


The quoted price captures the dynamic consensus between buyers and sellers, showcased on the electronic ticker tape. The bid and ask prices play a dual role: the bid is an aspirational offer from buyers, and the ask is a firm response from sellers. The bid-ask spread mirrors an asset's liquidity. Transactions at the bid price influence subsequent bid and ask shifts based on demand. A security's actual value often differs from bid and ask figures, representing its latest transaction. This quoted price serves as a crucial guide for traders and diverse market participants, informing strategic choices in the complex financial landscape.

Quoted Price
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