What Is an Associated Person?

What Is an Associated Person?

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Associated persons in futures trading are employed by broker/dealer firms involved in sales or supervising deals. They have access to non-public order flow information and are required to register with regulatory agencies. Additionally, they must act in a way that does not personally benefit from this information.


Within the domain of futures trading, the designation "associated person" pertains to specific personnel occupied by brokerage or dealer entities responsible for sales activities or sales oversight, excluding clerical and administrative staff. These employees are obligated to adhere to distinct regulatory benchmarks according to their specific roles and functions.

Associated Persons Explained

The obligations of associated persons intertwine with the statutes and guidelines established by diverse futures exchanges and governing entities. These regulatory bodies oversee individuals occupying specific capacities, ensuring that any inherent asymmetry in information flow doesn't obstruct or deceive investors engaged in their trading and investigative endeavors. Separate enlistment with the National Futures Association (NFA) isn't obligatory for individuals already enrolled in the subsequent categories:

  1. Futures Commission Merchant (FCM)
  2. Introducing Broker (IB)
  3. Floor Broker (FB)
  4. Commodity pool operator (CPO) or individuals affiliated therein
  5. Commodity trading advisor (CTA) or individuals affiliated therein
  6. Registered Representative sanctioned by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Ensuring Equitable Market Participation

Regardless of participants' status, clout, or level of experience with the industry, the financial markets function inside a regulatory framework to assure objectivity. This extends to the circulation of information, trade orders, and various other factors, fostering an environment where qualified individuals can partake in market activities.

To establish parity, individuals and enterprises handling client funds are mandated to register with FINRA and/or the NFA as associated persons if their existing registrations fall outside these capacities. This enrolment subjects participants to a code of rules and regulations, thereby fostering an atmosphere of fairness within markets.

Additionally, regulatory bodies wield the authority to penalize, levy fines, or even expel participants who deviate from these established norms. Registration procedures also establish mechanisms, such as arbitration, to resolve disputes between relevant parties.

Consequently, clients are afforded a safeguard that guarantees equitable market entry and safeguards their financial resources exclusively for their benefit. This safeguard similarly extends to data generated through clients' engagements. For instance, an associated person cannot prioritize personal orders before those of clients, nor can they divulge information regarding client orders to external parties. They also consent to surveillance of their trades and account balances.

Associates, encompassing FCMs and IBs, are held to baseline criteria encompassing:

  1. Minimal net capital
  2. Customer funds (FCMs solely; IBs do not retain customer funds)
  3. Mandated disclosures and other customer-related obligations
  4. Financial and supplementary filings

These measures serve to shield clients from trade execution risks and the potential fallout if the enterprise faces insolvency, which could jeopardize client assets. Simultaneously, this approach curtails conflicts of interest despite associates (and firms) not being inherently fiduciaries. While upholding ethical business conduct, they are not held to the heightened fiduciary standards obligatory for investment advisors.


Associated persons play a pivotal role in futures trading within broker/dealer firms, overseeing sales and adhering to regulatory standards. Their unique access to confidential information requires impartiality and compliance. These professionals are regulated by FINRA and/or the NFA to ensure equitable practices, with enforcement mechanisms in place. Clients benefit from these measures, as their market access and funds are safeguarded, along with their sensitive data. Criteria for associates, like FCMs and IBs, serve to minimize risks and conflicts of interest, ensuring a fair and secure trading environment.

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