What Is Board Broker System?

What Is Board Broker System?

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The board broker system, akin to market-making in stock exchanges, boosts liquidity and stability in commodities trading. Automation has mostly replaced board brokers, with systems handling higher volumes at greater speeds. Board brokers manage specific commodities or options for exchanges, like the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).


The management of liquidity and order execution on commodity or options exchanges is handled by a board broker system. It involves assigning commodities or options to exchange members who act as market makers. Initially popular, most board broker systems are now replaced by fully automated systems.

A Closer Look at the Board Broker System

A board broker operates within commodities or options exchanges, overseeing specific trading activities to ensure seamless transactions. This mechanism, known as the board broker system, shares similarities with roles like specialists and market makers in exchanges such as NYSE and Nasdaq. The primary goal remains consistent: enhancing trading efficiency and reducing associated costs.

In contrast to NYSE's market makers who handle distinct securities, commodities exchange board brokers manage specific commodities. Their responsibilities encompass quoting prices, moderating market volatility, and determining opening and closing prices. The CBOE stands as a prominent instance, facilitating a diverse range of asset trading. However, as time advanced, automated trading platforms took precedence over the board broker system, ushering in a new era of trading dynamics.

Board Broker System Example

Let's illustrate board broker systems through an example involving XYZ Financial and ABC Commodities Exchange. In this system, XYZ takes charge of specific commodities, ensuring smooth trading for others. They step in when demand exceeds supply or vice versa, buying or selling to restore balance. Additionally, they set opening prices and lower transaction costs.

However, automation has reshaped commodities exchange. Traditional roles like XYZ's, centered around board broker functions, have been replaced by exchange-managed automated systems. This change has significantly altered how commodities markets operate.

What's Next?

The popularity of the board broker system has diminished in recent times. It gradually yielded to automated trade execution systems, which handle the board broker's tasks faster and in greater quantities. These computerized systems eliminate the need for human decisions, enabling swifter and higher-volume executions.


The board broker system was a crucial component of commodities trading, responsible for managing liquidity and maintaining order execution. While automated systems have largely replaced board brokers, the system's significance remains. The transition to automated trading has brought about new dynamics in commodities markets, with faster and higher-volume executions.


Board Broker System
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