What Is Clearstream International?

What Is Clearstream International?

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Clearstream International is a Luxembourg-based company that provides post-trading services for international markets. It settles and holds stocks and bonds in 58 markets worldwide and is owned by Deutsche Börse AG. Formerly recognized as Deutsche Börse Clearing AG, Clearstream International underwent a name change in 2000 to become Clearstream International SA.

Deciphering the Role of Clearstream International

Global exchanges worldwide rely on an intricate web of third-party verification, processing, and record-keeping for each stock or security transaction. This crucial step remains paramount before any transaction attains finality. Moreover, the legacy of paper-based share certificates endures in certain capacities, necessitating secure storage.

Clearstream International is a prominent player in this field. Functioning as a global securities depository, it assumes responsibility for international securities in addition to serving as the designated depository for domestic securities hailing from Germany and Luxembourg. The company's inception materialized from the fusion of Cedel International and Deutsche Börse Clearing in January 2000. Presently, it is an integral subsidiary within the vast realm of Deutsche Börse, a global exchange giant of immense stature.

Clearstream's Global Clientele

Catering chiefly to financial entities and trading platforms, Clearstream has solidified its presence notably within international fixed income. Here, it adeptly manages the intricate processes of Eurobond clearing and settlement. The magnitude of Clearstream's activities is staggering. As of 2021, its custodial assets reached a remarkable 16 trillion euros, serving a broad spectrum of 2,500 patrons across 110 nations. On a daily basis, Clearstream orchestrates over a quarter of a million transactions, highlighting its remarkable efficiency. Functioning as an International Central Securities Depository (ICSD), Clearstream stands as a linchpin in delivering post-trade infrastructure and securities-related solutions, both on a global and domestic scale.

Clearstream's Range of Securities Market Offerings

Clearstream International extends a comprehensive suite of services within the securities landscape, encompassing:

  1. Efficient facilitation of distribution and settlement procedures for new issuances.
  2. Streamlined processing of income and redemption payments.
  3. Robust handling of corporate actions, tax matters, proxy voting, alongside adept reporting and safekeeping solutions.
  4. Diverse cash and banking services, including commercial and central bank monetary functions.

Diverse Business Sectors of Clearstream

In addition to its core offerings, Clearstream encompasses an array of supplementary sectors. Among these, ClearstreamXact, an online connectivity portal, and MyStandards, a web platform for ISO messaging standards and market practices management, take the forefront. Furthermore, Clearstream extends global securities financing solutions. Notably, Vestima aids in fulfilling the distribution requirements of the investment fund domain.

Clearstream's comprehensive repertoire includes global issuance and post-issuance services, secure safekeeping and vault facilities, and invaluable reference data solutions. The company additionally provides a spectrum of IT solutions encompassing hosting, connectivity, compliance, and operational support. Settlement services, ranging from commercial and central bank money settlements to various other settlement mechanisms, also fall within Clearstream's ambit.

A prominent rival in this arena is the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC), hailing from the United States. Established in the mid-1970s, DTCC has played a pivotal role in introducing electronic systems to alleviate the burdensome paper certificate processing for brokerages and stock exchanges across the U.S. financial markets.


Clearstream International is a pivotal force in global finance, providing seamless post-trading services across markets. Under Deutsche Börse AG ownership, its evolution to Clearstream International SA signifies ongoing excellence. Fundamental to modern exchanges, the company verifies, processes, and secures stock transactions, preserving paper-based certificates. Its forte in international fixed income, efficient settlement of Eurobonds, and daily handling of transactions showcase remarkable efficiency.

Clearstream offers a wide range of services, including distribution, payments, corporate actions, tax, and IT solutions, showcasing its adaptability. Ventures like ClearstreamXact and MyStandards underscore innovation, solidifying its global role in shaping the financial services' future.

Clearstream International
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