What Is CyberConnect?

What Is CyberConnect?

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CyberConnect aims to tackle the problems associated with centralized social media platforms by offering a self-sovereign and interoperable experience. This gives users and creators complete control and ownership of their data and content. CyberConnect brings in innovative features such as CyberAccount, CyberGraph, and Cyber L2, facilitating seamless interactions and empowering developers to create a variety of applications within the ecosystem. Through its native CYBER token, the platform enables governance and various transactional functions, with the goal of establishing a comprehensive, user-friendly, decentralized social environment.

Decentralizing Social Media

The concept of decentralizing social media (or "DeSoc") has gained traction over time. Unlike traditional centralized platforms, decentralized social media aims to provide an unrestricted, equitable, and censorship-resistant environment, promoting the values of free expression. Technological constraints have historically impeded developers from creating robust DeSoc platforms. However, advancements in scaling technologies and increased adoption of Web3 pave the way for the development of powerful decentralized social media platforms facilitated by blockchain-based protocols such as CyberConnect.

What Is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect represents the ideals of decentralized social media by providing direct empowerment to creators and communities. It offers developers the necessary tools to innovate apps and facilitates direct interaction between creators and their audience, eliminating intermediaries.

Release Timeline CyberConnect has evolved through several key releases:

  • CyberConnect V1 debuted in Q3 2021 as a decentralized social graph protocol, enabling developers to build apps on a shared data layer.
  • V2, launched in August 2022, expanded beyond Ethereum to include chains like BNB and Polygon. It introduced a hybrid scaling model and enhanced smart contract flexibility.
  • V3, released in July 2023, introduced CyberAccount, CyberGraph, and Cyber L2. These upgrades streamline user onboarding and offer scalability comparable to Web2, abstracting network complexities.

Fundamental Principles of CyberConnect CyberConnect adheres to five core principles within its ecosystem:

  • Self-Sovereignty: Users maintain ownership and control over their data, granting developers access only with explicit consent.
  • Interoperability: Users access multiple platforms with a single social identity, bringing their social data along.
  • Composability: Developers seamlessly integrate CyberConnect's protocol into their Web3 stacks, leveraging existing user connections and network effects.
  • Programmability: Developers easily implement custom logic for user actions, such as profile creation and content monetization.
  • Scalability: Overcoming traditional DeSoc scalability challenges, CyberConnect employs a hybrid solution using off-chain storage for robust user experiences.

How CyberConnect Works

As previously mentioned, CyberConnect's V3 introduced three main upgrades: CyberAccount, CyberGraph, and Cyber L2. CyberConnect has organized its entire workflow around these updates

  • CyberAccount is an ERC-4337-compliant smart contract wallet solution that streamlines user onboarding with decentralized, transferable digital identities via NFTs.
  • CyberGraph comprises customizable smart contracts linking user identities (CyberAccounts) to their social data and content, recorded across multiple EVM-compatible blockchains.
  • Cyber L2, a modular Ethereum Layer 2 solution tailored for social applications, prioritizes scalability and widespread adoption.

The Unique Advantages of CyberConnect

CyberConnect offers a robust decentralized social media (DeSoc) platform addressing critical market gaps.

Challenges of Centralized Social Media

Centralized social media platforms face longstanding criticisms:

  • Censorship: They exert control over content, leading to censorship and shadowbanning.
  • Profit-driven policies: Prioritize profit over free speech principles.
  • Limited creator compensation: Creators receive minimal revenue shares and have limited monetization options.
  • Social capital loss: Users lack control over connections, risking social capital loss upon platform exit.
  • Innovation constraints: Dominated by few players, limiting user experience and innovation.
  • Data ownership: Platforms own user data, lacking user control.

Decentralized solutions can mitigate these issues. However, Web3 scalability and gas fees have hindered development. Cyber L2, powered by OP Stack, addresses these challenges with Eigenlayer AVS and EigenDA for censorship-resistant storage and scalable infrastructure, empowering social app developers.

Understanding the CYBER Token

CYBER serves as the native utility and governance token within the CyberConnect ecosystem, with a total supply capped at 100,000,000 tokens. Its functionalities include:

  • Governance: CYBER token holders participate in voting on CyberConnect Improvement Proposals, shaping the protocol's long-term evolution.
  • CyberID Minting Fees: Users pay CYBER tokens to mint unique handles (e.g., alice.cyber or bob.cyber) for their CyberAccounts, securing premium usernames.
  • Gas Credits in CyberWallet: CYBER tokens act as gas credits for transactions across various chains within CyberWallet, enhancing efficiency within CyberConnect's Smart Contract AA wallet solution launched in V3.
  • Securing Cyber L2 Network: CYBER tokens play a pivotal role in securing nodes across the Cyber L2 network, ensuring its operational integrity and security.

Exploring the CyberConnect Ecosystem

The CyberConnect ecosystem supports 35 active projects, showcasing diverse initiatives within its network.

  • Link3: A Web3-native social network focusing on verified identities and value-based communication. Utilizes Ethereum Attestation Service for on-chain verifications and introduces a pay-per-reply messaging model.
  • Phaver: Rewards users for quality content creation and sharing, offering ownership through an innovative NFT-based social graph.
  • Mocaverse: An NFT initiative by Animoca Brands, uniting portfolio projects and partners. Features 8,888 Mocas as membership passes for Animoca Brands team members, investors, partners, and select token holders.

Future Outlook for CyberConnect

Following the successful rollout of V3 and CyberWallet, CyberConnect is set for ambitious developments throughout 2024. Their roadmap includes the launch of the Ethereum L2 mainnet, Cyber L2, along with the introduction of Cyber Staking. By year-end, CyberConnect aims to expand its ecosystem to over 120 dApps and grow its user base to more than 3 million CyberAccount holders. Additionally, a grants program will be launched to support developer onboarding and ecosystem expansion efforts.


CyberConnect stands at the forefront of the DeSoc sector and catalyzes widespread Web3 adoption. Through pioneering features such as CyberAccount, CyberGraph, Cyber L2, and the essential CYBER token, it enables self-sovereignty, interoperability, and scalable solutions. With bold initiatives ahead, CyberConnect aims to revolutionize social interaction and content creation in the decentralized internet, providing a dynamic, inclusive alternative to conventional social media platforms.

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