What Is Pre-Funded Bond?

What Is Pre-Funded Bond?

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Pre-funded bond is a government issued, usually municipal, bond where the funds to pay it off at the call date are set aside in an escrow account. Pre-funded bonds are backed by Treasury securities and issued by municipalities that wish to attain a higher credit rating for their debt. The pre-funded bond and treasury securities in the escrow account tend to have the same maturity.


Pre-funded bonds, predominantly municipal in nature, represent a unique category of government-issued securities. These bonds differentiate themselves through the meticulous allocation of funds into an escrow account, securing their prompt redemption upon the call date.

Exploring Pre-Funded Bonds: A Risk-Reducing Investment

Pre-funded bonds, a favored choice among investors, offer the assurance of guaranteed interest and principal repayment, thanks to their backing by risk-free assets held in an escrow account. Municipalities aspiring for enhanced credit ratings commonly issue these bonds, acknowledging that the full faith of the U.S. government doesn't support them.

Unique Payment Mechanism and Risk Mitigation

Distinguished by their unique payment mechanism, pre-funded bonds relieve issuers from the need to generate cash flows for bond obligations, as payments are managed through the escrow account. The collateral for this account typically consists of secure Treasury securities, like Treasury bills, which generate interest to cover coupon payments. The maturities of pre-funded bonds and the accompanying U.S. securities align, making them an attractive option for municipal bond issuers seeking cost-effective long-term financing.

Assured Returns With Pre-Funded Bonds

Pre-funded bonds, highly favored by investors, offer the assurance of guaranteed interest and principal repayment. Their security is underpinned by risk-free assets held in an escrow account. These bonds find common issuance among municipalities striving to elevate their credit ratings, knowing that the U.S. government's full faith doesn't support them.

Efficiency Through Unique Payment Mechanism

Pre-funded bonds stand out with their distinctive payment mechanism, liberating issuers from the obligation to generate cash flows for bond payments. Instead, payments are meticulously managed through the escrow account, often backed by secure Treasury securities, such as Treasury bills. This alignment of maturities between pre-funded bonds and accompanying U.S. securities makes them an attractive choice for municipalities seeking cost-effective, long-term financing.

Attracting Investors With Reduced Risk

In the bonds market, credit ratings are higher for lower perceived risk levels. Naturally, investors gravitate towards higher-rated bonds due to their lower default risk. To encourage lending, municipalities opt for the issuance of pre-funded bonds.

Pre-funded bond prices ebb and flow with market rate movements, presenting reinvestment risk while guaranteeing default-free coupon payments. These bonds offer the tax advantages of regular municipal bonds with reduced risk exposure, courtesy of the federal government-backed collateral. However, they often carry junk bond ratings, stemming from the fact that entities predominantly issue them with limited cash flows. If the escrow funds are depleted before maturity, and the issuer lacks the resources to meet bond payments, default risk emerges. The pre-funded structure entails additional costs, encompassing the creation of the escrow fund and underwriting fees on the escrowed funds.

Certain pre-funded bonds are categorized as defeased securities, effectively removed from the issuer's balance sheet. Instead, the debt responsibility shifts to the escrow fund, backed by sufficient collateral to cover principal and interest payments. In cases where the defeasance funds fall short, the issuer maintains a legal obligation to fulfill the debt payments using pledged revenues, as stipulated in the escrow agreement. While this scenario is unlikely, such an agreement remains a part of the pre-funded bond landscape.


Pre-funded bonds offer secure investments, appealing to investors seeking guaranteed returns. These bonds are issued by municipalities aiming to boost credit ratings despite lacking full government backing. With efficient payment mechanisms and aligned maturities, they attract investors by reducing risk. However, lower credit ratings may prevail due to limited issuer cash flows. While defeased bonds enhance stability, they still carry inherent risks, reinforcing the need for careful management in the dynamic market.

Pre-Funded Bond
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