What Is SIX Swiss Exchange?

What Is SIX Swiss Exchange?

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SIX Swiss Exchange, situated in Zurich, serves as Switzerland's central securities exchange, overseeing the trading of Swiss government bonds, equities, and financial derivatives like stock options. It ranks among the globe's top 15 stock exchanges.

Exploring the SIX Swiss Exchange 

Formerly recognized as SWX Swiss Exchange, it pioneered full automation of trading, clearing, and settlement in 1995. It stands alongside the smaller Bern eXchange (BX) as Switzerland's alternative exchange. SIX Swiss Exchange facilitates equitable and transparent trading in equities, bonds, sponsored funds, sponsored foreign shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded products (ETPs), and structured products. Operating on the X-stream INET trading platform, it predominantly deals in Swiss francs (CHF), with trading hours spanning Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm.

Key Commitments by SIX Swiss Exchange:

  1. Ensuring liquidity in trading.
  2. Employing world-class trading technology.
  3. Offering swift admission and adaptable connectivity options.
  4. Providing favorable trading conditions and a market-oriented regulatory environment.
  5. Granting access to an extensive network and expert knowledge.
  6. Streamlining the listing process for companies to go public within four weeks.

Switzerland, celebrated as a European innovation leader, boasts political and economic stability. The synergy between the nation's biotech and med-tech sector and its financial institutions positions it at the forefront of these industries. Switzerland also excels in the financial services sector, featuring several global leaders in finance and insurance listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Key Milestones in the History of the SIX Swiss Exchange

  • 1995: Switzerland's stock exchanges in Geneva, Basel, and Zurich merge to form SWX. The initiation of electronic trading in foreign equities takes place.
  • 1996: Introduction of electronic trading in Swiss equities and options, alongside the launch of a fully automated trading, clearing, and settlement system.
  • 1999: SWX Repo, the world's first integrated electronic repo trading platform, is inaugurated, and the exchange adopts the name "SWX Swiss Exchange."
  • 2000: Launch of the ETF segment.
  • 2001: Establishment of the SWX Group, encompassing SWX Swiss Exchange, Eurex, virt-x, STOXX, and EXFEED.
  • 2008: Merger of SWX Group, SIS Group, and Telekurs Group to form Swiss Financial Market Services AG, later rebranded as SIX Group.
  • 2010: Commencement of trading in exchange-traded products (ETPs).
  • 2011: Expansion of multicurrency capabilities, including introducing ETF trading in AUD. The ETF segment sees significant growth with the addition of 155 new products.


SIX Swiss Exchange, located in Zurich, is a prominent player in Switzerland's financial scene, trading government bonds, equities, and derivatives. Its history, formerly known as SWX Swiss Exchange, saw groundbreaking developments such as full automation in 1995. Operating alongside Bern eXchange (BX), the SIX Swiss Exchange is known for its transparency, offering diverse financial products. Its commitment to liquidity, advanced technology, and favorable trading conditions is notable. Switzerland's stability and innovation prowess complement the exchange with thriving biotech and med-tech sectors. Historical milestones, including mergers and the introduction of ETFs, define its significance in global finance.

SIX Swiss Exchange
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