What Is the Broker's Call?

What Is the Broker's Call?

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The broker's call is the interest rate banks charge brokers for call loans. The interest rate is determined by a benchmark and adjusted based on the broker's perceived creditworthiness. These loans are used to fund traders' margin accounts and can be "called back" by lenders.


The interest rate financial institutions apply to loans extended to brokerage entities is called the broker's call, also recognized as the call loan rate. These loans, termed call loans, serve as a mechanism for brokerage firms to furnish traders with enhanced leverage within margin accounts. Call loans require immediate repayment upon request by the lending bank. In situations where brokers anticipate a potential loan recall, they reserve the right to initiate a margin call for traders who have received funds via these loans.

What Is the Broker's Call?

The pivotal role of brokers' calls in furnishing traders with amplified leverage via margin accounts is evident in the explanation above. From the stance of margin traders, the loan emanates from their brokerage firm, mandating the upkeep of sufficient collateral to stave off potential loan recalls.

However, from the broker's perspective, funds lent to traders constitute call loans procured from banks. Thus, ensuring the bank's confidence in the call loan's stability becomes vital, mitigating the recall prospect. To avert this scenario, brokers meticulously oversee the margin account's value and collateral, activating a margin loan recall if risks surge.

Indeed, even well-funded margin accounts could face recalls due to the broker's own call loan being summoned by the bank. These infrequent yet consequential occurrences stem from market-wide financial turmoil, such as credit crunches.

Like other loans, the interest rate on call loans oscillates daily, reflecting economic trends and capital dynamics. These rates are systematically disclosed in renowned publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily, often linked to benchmarks like the London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR). Broker's calls encompass a risk premium contingent on the broker's perceived creditworthiness and other variables.

Broker's Call Example

A recent instance at XYZ Brokerage Services provides insight into the practical application of a broker's call. In this scenario, the brokerage received a call loan from ABC Financial, a prominent bank. When assessing the loan's interest rate, ABC meticulously factored in alternative loan and investment prospects. Given the prevailing 2% LIBOR rate and XYZ's robust creditworthiness, ABC sanctioned the call loan at a mere 2.5% interest. An integral clause stipulated ABC's prerogative to recall the loan.

Upon acquisition of the call loan, XYZ judiciously allocated the funds to extend loans to various margin traders. Analogously to ABC, XYZ's calculus encompassed internal opportunity cost and the account holders' creditworthiness. The determined interest rate for these loans settled at 5%. The loan agreement firmly outlined XYZ's authority to trigger loan repayment via a margin call, possibly with limited notice to traders.


The broker's call serves as a pivotal link in financial transactions between brokerage firms and traders seeking leverage. Tailored to a benchmark and creditworthiness, this interest rate shapes call loans, enabling amplified leveraging within margin accounts. XYZ Brokerage Services' case exemplifies this dynamic, carefully evaluating rates based on benchmarks and credit, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between opportunity cost, creditworthiness, and market dynamics. The broker's call encapsulates intricate financial mechanics that define modern leveraging within margin trading.

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