What Is the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ)?

What Is the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ)?

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Over the past decade, investors have shown great interest in emerging markets and internet technology. To take advantage of this trend, the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ) was established in 2014. The ETF specifically targets companies in emerging markets involved in internet and technology-related industries.


In the dynamic realm of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), akin to the sweeping panorama of finance, distinct patterns, and burgeoning sectors invariably come to the fore. Emerging markets (EM) and the internet are prominent focal points. While ETFs centered on these domains don't inherently guarantee triumph, their recent trajectories bear commendable witness.

Amidst all this intrigue, these focal points converge into one ETF. Enter the EMQQ, an abbreviation encapsulating the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF. This exceptional vehicle substantiates the latent potency in synthesizing burgeoning EM and the digital expanse.

Elucidating the ethos behind EMQQ's inception, Kevin Carter, the visionary architect, expounds briefly through the pages of the esteemed Wall Street Journal. He succinctly articulates his team's pursuit: "Championing the most rapid expansion within the swiftest-growing markets." Carter's discourse progresses, shedding light on the remarkable phenomenon wherein "multitudes transcend into the echelons of consumers," effecting a paradigm shift by fostering pocket-sized computers as a conduit of wasteful practices. In parallel, the global proliferation of smartphones and tablets continues its unabated ascent, etching an indelible mark on recent annals.

Internet-Centric Revenue Focus: Unveiling EMQQ's Strategic Landscape

Steering towards an online-driven fiscal paradigm, EMQQ unfolds as a meticulously crafted instrument that shadows an index uniting publicly traded entities. These corporations, predominantly rooted in emergent or developing markets, pulsate with vitality through revenue streams channeling from either digital commerce or internet operations. Only conglomerates with market capitalizations of at least $300 million are eligible for the spotlight.

Surveying a microcosm of premier assets that EMQQ encapsulates, recognizable internet stalwarts grace its tapestry. The ranks include distinguished entities such as Tencent Holdings Limited (TCEHY), Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA), and Baidu, Inc. (BIDU).

The ETF was founded in 2014, but its progress stagnated in the first two years, with a dip in trajectory instead of an ascent. Founder Carter unravels this enigma by attributing the subdued debut to a prevailing apathy towards emerging markets at the time. Although the underlying assets of the fund thrived in terms of revenue and earnings across subsequent cycles, the overarching sentiment within the grand theater of finance restrained EMQQ's stride, stymying substantial achievements.

Shifting Investor Sentiments: A New Landscape

Since then, a marked transformation has enveloped the sentiment among investors. Presently, many investors have honed their focus intently on ETFs vested in emerging markets. This trend finds resonance in the insights of Neena Mishra, the steward of ETF research at Zacks Investment Research. Mishra's discernment underscores how investors now are concerned about the "elevated valuations of U.S. equities" and the political discord in Washington.

In sharp contrast, the allure of EM stocks has surged remarkably. This renaissance is substantially attributed to the ascendancy of corporate earnings and the bolstered bedrock of macroeconomic tenets across the global landscape. In essence, Mishra delineates the fund's current stance, underscoring its profound affinity for China. Nonetheless, a course charted towards diversification appears conceivable, as manifest in the prospect of embracing a wider spectrum. This transition is alluded to by Mishra, hinting at the foreseeable embrace of "vibrant e-commerce and internet enterprises" in domains like India as they make their foray into the public domain.


As middle classes grow in densely populated nations, new opportunities for e-commerce arise. This transition is further fueled by India's governmental impetus, ignited subsequent to the November 2016 demonetization that precipitated a monetary deficit. Anticipations burgeon, amplified by a KPMG survey cited by Seeking Alpha, envisaging a global e-commerce surge, potentially doubling by 2020 and vaulting to a commanding $4.1 trillion valuation.

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