What Is the Mubadala Development Company?

What Is the Mubadala Development Company?

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The Mubadala Development Company is a wealth fund founded in 2002 by the Abu Dhabi government and is still solely owned by them. It now operates under the name Mubadala Investment Company. The company's strategy involves investing in long-term projects that require significant capital, which ultimately yield substantial financial gains and social benefits for Abu Dhabi.


The Mubadala Development Company was established in 2002 by the government of Abu Dhabi as a sovereign wealth fund, with the government as its sole shareholder. Its mission is to diversify Abu Dhabi's economy and produce long-term financial gains. This is achieved by diversified investments on a local, direct, and global scale. The following asset classes are among those in which the company invests: credit, real estate, infrastructure, cash, private, public, and real estate.

The Mubadala Development Company is now known as the Mubadala Investment Company as of 2017. The business has five locations throughout the world, including ones in Abu Dhabi, London, New York, and San Francisco, and has invested in companies in more than 50 nations. It now manages about $276 billion worth of assets.

Mubadala Development Company: Pioneering Strategic Investments

Founded under the visionary leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Mubadala Development Company's journey traces back to the 1950s. Sheikh Zayed, the revered founding father of the UAE, harnessed the newly-discovered oil wealth of Abu Dhabi, directing it toward essential infrastructure like hospitals and schools, laying the foundation for a prosperous future.

In 1984, the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) came into existence, furthering the prudent management of the nation's petroleum wealth. Then, in 2002, Mubadala Development Company was established, alongside IPIC, as a global investment entity. A significant shift occurred in 2017 with the formation of Mubadala Investment Company, marking the third phase of its investment strategy.

Today, Mubadala is the UAE's third-largest sovereign wealth fund and the second-largest in Abu Dhabi. Its reach extends across more than 50 countries, encompassing a diverse investment portfolio that spans natural resources, aviation partnerships, and recycling facilities. This transformation reflects a commitment to sustainable growth and global impact.

Mubadala Development Company's Major Investments

Throughout the years, Mubadala Investment Company has made numerous substantial investments. Among its initial ventures was Cepsa, a prominent integrated energy firm in Spain. Today, Cepsa is one of the world's largest suppliers of essential raw materials for products like detergents and personal care items, employing over 11,000 individuals across eight nations.

In 2017, Mubadala Investment Company played a pivotal role in the success of Yahsat, a satellite manufacturing enterprise. This partnership led to the launch of Al Yah 3 in February 2018, expanding Ka-band coverage to over 19 regions, including Africa, the Middle East, South West Asia, and Brazil. This endeavor aimed to provide cost-effective Internet access, catering to governments, enterprises, and households worldwide.

Since 2008, Mubadala Investment Company has maintained a robust presence in advanced technologies, including autonomous systems. Notably, in March 2020, Mubadala joined forces with key investors such as Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Magna International, and Andreessen Horowitz to support Waymo, a self-driving technology firm under Google's parent company, Alphabet. This addition bolstered Mubadala's already formidable technology portfolio.

In November 2020, Mubadala, in collaboration with an investor consortium featuring HarbourVest Partners and Northwestern Mutual, secured a majority stake in the U.K. life sciences company Envision Pharma Group. Envision is vital in assisting biopharmaceutical and medical device companies in commercializing new compounds through strategic medical communication. This investment complements Mubadala's growing pharmaceutical interests, encompassing entities like PCI Pharma Services, VIR Biotechnology, Innovaccer, and Recursion Pharmaceuticals, each contributing to the evolving landscape of healthcare and technology.


The transformation of the Mubadala Development Company into the Mubadala Investment Company represents Abu Dhabi's visionary commitment to diversify its economy and secure sustainable growth. From 2002 to its 2017 rebranding, Mubadala's investing strategy in capital-intensive projects has yielded substantial financial gains and societal benefits. With a diverse portfolio spanning various asset classes, such as credit, real estate, and technology, Mubadala has made significant investments in companies like Cepsa, Yahsat, Waymo, and Envision Pharma Group. Today, it stands as a global force, present in over 50 countries with assets totaling approximately $276 billion, contributing to Abu Dhabi's economic diversification and global impact.

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