What Is the National Futures Association (NFA)?

What Is the National Futures Association (NFA)?

In the U.S., the National Futures Association (NFA) operates as an autonomous self-regulatory entity overseeing futures and derivatives markets. Recognized by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a registered futures association, its mission involves preserving market integrity, safeguarding investors, and ensuring members adhere to regulatory responsibilities.


An autonomous self-regulatory body, the National Futures Association oversees the U.S. futures and derivatives markets. Industry members pay dues and must adhere to NFA rules. Non-compliance can lead to fines or membership revocation. The NFA operates independently, funded mainly by membership dues, fees, and assessments. Its responsibilities encompass registration, compliance, and arbitration functions.

Demystifying the National Futures Association (NFA)

Established in 1982, following the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's inception in 1974, the NFA is a self-regulatory body overseeing the U.S. futures market. It ensures firms, intermediaries, and associates meet high standards of conduct, with funding primarily sourced from membership dues, fees, and assessments. The NFA's responsibilities encompass market regulation, registration, compliance, and arbitration, actively combating fraud and abuse through robust enforcement and real-time market surveillance.

Exploring the National Futures Association's Roles

  1. Registration and Membership: Derivatives firms must register with the CFTC and often with the NFA, which has registration authority delegated by the CFTC.
  2. Rulemaking: The NFA establishes industry best practices and enforces their implementation across the sector.
  3. Enforcement and Registration Actions: Non-compliance with rules leads to disciplinary action against NFA members.
  4. Member Education and Resources: Educational materials aid members in understanding and adhering to regulations.
  5. Arbitration: The NFA operates an arbitration program to resolve futures and forex-related disputes.
  6. Investor Protection: The NFA equips investors with resources for informed decision-making.
  7. Outreach Programs: Customized training programs are available to interested entities.
  8. Market Regulation: Designated contract makers (DCMs) and swap execution facilities (SEFs) can utilize the NFA's regulatory services.

NFA Member Firms and Categories

As of June 30, 2022, the NFA boasts 3,107 members. Registration mandates a background investigation.

Member Categories

  1. Commodity Pool Operators (CPO): Manage and solicit funds for commodity pools.
  2. Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA): Advise clients on derivatives trades.
  3. Futures Commission Merchants (FCM): Accept or solicit trades.
  4. Introducing Brokers (IB): Connect clients with brokers.
  5. Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (RFED): Non-U.S. currency transaction counterparty.
  6. Swap Dealers: Make a market for and transact in swaps.
  7. Exchanges: Marketplaces for buying and selling financial instruments.
  8. Associates: Individuals soliciting orders, customers, or funds for FCMs, RFEDs, IBs, CTAs, or CPOs.
  9. Major Swap Participants: Individuals or entities with substantial counterparty exposure affecting U.S. financial stability.

NFA's Role

As a self-regulatory organization, NFA establishes industry best practices, rules, and enforcement. It can levy fines or revoke memberships. An arbitration process aids dispute resolution for customers and businesses.

Membership Dues and Fees

Membership dues in the NFA differ based on membership type. For instance, Tier 1 swap dealers pay $1.3 million, while Tier 2 swap dealers pay $325,000. Introducing brokers are charged $750, and introducing broker swaps firms pay $2,500. These dues are paid annually. Late payments incur a $25 fee, and if dues remain unpaid for 30 days past the due date, membership is withdrawn.

Enforcement Action: East West Global LLC and Individuals Penalized

In a real-world example, East West Global LLC and two individuals faced penalties in 2019 for complaints filed in 2018. One individual had their NFA membership revoked for five years, and both individuals and the firm were fined for various violations. The charges included the use of deficient promotional material, inadequate sales practices, and failure to meet commercial honor standards, among others.

One individual and the firm were jointly ordered to pay a $75,000 fine, and the firm had to address the issues raised in the complaint. The other individual reached a settlement and agreed not to apply for NFA membership (or associate membership) for five years. If he re-applies after five years, he must pay a $90,000 fine immediately.


The National Futures Association (NFA) stands as a vital and autonomous self-regulatory organization overseeing the futures and derivatives markets in the U.S. Through its mission to uphold market integrity, protect investors, and enforce regulatory responsibilities, the NFA plays a crucial role in maintaining a fair and transparent trading environment. Its responsibilities encompass a wide range of functions, including market regulation, registration, compliance, and arbitration. The NFA diligently monitors and enforces industry best practices and rules, ensuring members adhere to high standards of conduct. With over 3,100 members as of June 2022, the NFA governs various entities, including commodity pool operators, futures commission merchants, retail foreign exchange dealers, and more. To become an NFA member, entities must undergo a background investigation and apply directly through an electronic filing process. Membership dues vary depending on the type of member, and prompt payment is crucial to maintain active membership status. In cases of non-compliance, the NFA possesses the authority to impose fines or revoke membership, demonstrating its commitment to market integrity and investor protection.

National Futures Association (NFA)
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