What Is the Singapore Exchange (SGX)?

What Is the Singapore Exchange (SGX)?

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The leading exchange for assets in Singapore is the Singapore Exchange (SGX). It offers a variety of products such as stocks, bonds, options contracts, forex, and commodities. In 2008, the acquisition of the Singapore Commodity Exchange expanded its product offerings. Despite being based in Singapore, the SGX has a global presence and holds an ownership stake in regional exchanges worldwide.


SGX, or the Singapore Exchange, is a versatile financial institution offering comprehensive services spanning equities, fixed income, derivatives, commodities, and foreign currency exchange. Its inception traces back to a significant merger in 1999, amalgamating three distinct entities: the Stock Exchange of Singapore, the Singapore International Monetary Exchange, and the Securities Clearing and Computer Services Pte.

The year 2000 marked a pivotal moment in SGX's history when it made its shares publicly available for investment. Building upon this foundation, in 2008, SGX achieved a significant milestone by finalizing its acquisition of the Singapore Commodity Exchange.

Exploring the Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is a multifaceted financial institution offering various services encompassing trading, clearing, settlement, custody, and market data for numerous securities. Singapore Market Capitalization accounted for 638.760 USD bn in July 2023, compared with a percentage of 600.217 USD bn in the previous month.

A key facet of SGX's mission is to foster capital-raising opportunities for emerging companies, achieved through the Catalyst platform, facilitating equity financing for their rapid growth. SGX takes pride in its status as the premier offshore market for equity index derivatives, offering unparalleled liquidity across major Asian economies.

SGX's influence transcends borders, with strategic equity stakes in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and a strategic partnership with Nasdaq, Inc. Furthermore, SGX has engaged in substantive discussions with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) concerning potential mergers, reflecting its commitment to global expansion. In an era marked by the globalization of electronic exchanges, SGX's proactive management consistently explores avenues for growth, be it through partnerships or cross-ownership arrangements.

Singapore Exchange (SGX) Listings and Innovative Initiatives

The Singapore Exchange listings encompass diverse sectors, with real estate, banks, shipping, and oil and gas companies dominating the mainboard listings. At the same time, the consumer staples and healthcare sectors also hold significant representation. As of 2021, there were 735 listed companies on the exchange.

Prominent companies such as DBS, Singtel, CapitalLandInvest, UOB, and YZJ Shipbldg SGD lead the way in market capitalization. In 2018, SGX initiated a groundbreaking collaboration with Nasdaq, Deloitte, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to explore the application of blockchain technology in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of tokenized assets. SGX's Chairman emphasized that this initiative aims to leverage blockchain technology to streamline funds and securities transfers, mitigating risks for both buyers and sellers in the DvP process. This collaborative innovation aligns various stakeholders to seize real-world opportunities benefiting the ecosystem. Subsequently, SGX partnered with HSBC and Temasek, culminating in the issuance of Asia's inaugural public syndicated digital bond for Olam International in August 2020.


Singapore Exchange (SGX) serves as the primary financial hub in Singapore, offering a wide array of financial products. Its acquisition of the Singapore Commodity Exchange in 2008 expanded its services. SGX's global presence is evident through its ownership stakes in exchanges worldwide. SGX's journey, from a 1999 merger to a 2000 public listing and strategic partnerships, showcases its commitment to growth and innovation. The exchange's role in aiding emerging companies through the Catalyst platform and its leadership in equity index derivatives underscore its financial influence. 

Singapore Exchange (SGX)
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