What Is the Stock Exchange Daily Official List (SEDOL)?

What Is the Stock Exchange Daily Official List (SEDOL)?

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SEDOL Codes are special identifiers consisting of seven characters, including letters and numbers. They are assigned to securities traded on various exchanges in the United Kingdom, including the London Stock Exchange. The seventh character in a SEDOL code is unique because it is a checksum calculated based on the weighted sum of the first six characters. The introduction of SEDOL codes has significantly lowered trading costs and increased the efficiency of trade and securities transactions.


Securities The SEDOL, or Stock Exchange Daily Official List, comprises a concise seven-character code system employed for identifying a wide array of securities traded on the London Stock Exchange and several smaller UK exchanges. This versatile code system applies to unit trusts, investment trusts, insurance-linked securities, and domestic and international stocks. It serves as the United Kingdom's equivalent of the CUSIP numbers, utilized in the United States for categorizing stocks under the Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (CUSIP).

SEDOL Codes: Reasons for Issuance 

SEDOL codes can be assigned afresh due to a variety of factors. These include alterations in corporate headquarters, corporate amalgamations, introducing a new ISIN, acquisitions, alterations in company nomenclature, and reclassifications of shares.

SEDOL Classification Codes Unveiled 

SEDOL codes, essential identifiers, follow a precise format. Comprising seven characters, they're divided into two segments: the first six are alphanumeric, while the seventh is a validating check digit. In the alphanumeric segment, letters ranging from B to Z and numerals from 0 to 9 are permissible.

Before January 2004, SEDOL codes solely comprised numerals. However, from January 26, 2004, SEDOL codes were sequentially issued with a combination of letters and numbers, commencing with B000009. Notably, numbers always precede letters within each character position, and vowels are excluded. Consequently, post-January 2004, SEDOL codes were initiated with a letter.

The check digit in a SEDOL code is meticulously chosen to ensure that the weighted sum of all seven characters is a multiple of 10. This calculation entails assigning numerical values to letters. Each letter is associated with a number corresponding to its alphabetical position, to which nine is added. For instance, C is valued at 12 (9 + 3).

The Global Impact of SEDOL Codes 

SEDOL classification codes, hailed by the London Stock Exchange, serve as a universal market-level security identifier. They wield global recognition, mitigate cross-border trade failures, and enhance the overall efficiency of securities transactions. The United Kingdom's exchanges leverage SEDOL codes to elevate service quality, minimize losses, and streamline trading.

Key attributes of SEDOL codes underscore their significance. Their country-level assignment ensures effortless identification, with each country having its unique code. Swift issuance processing further enhances their utility. Notably, SEDOL codes exhibit commonality for all countries and asset classes for listed and unlisted securities.

In the contemporary global marketplace, SEDOL codes stand as a paramount necessity. Exchanges rely on them for secure and traceable asset tracking, ensuring investors acquire the correct stocks.

HSBC's SEDOL Verification 

In 1991, the prominent bank HSBC debuted on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), securing the SEDOL code 0540528. For code accuracy validation, traders execute a weighted digit multiplication and summation process. If the summation yields a multiple of ten, the code is deemed accurate. In the case of HSBC: 0 + 5x3 + 4x1 + 0 + 5x3 + 2x9 + 1x8 = 60, a multiple of 10, confirming the code's correctness.


SEDOL codes are vital identifiers for securities on the London Stock Exchange and smaller UK exchanges. Their seven-character format, comprising letters and numbers, enhances trade efficiency. The unique seventh character, determined by weighted calculations, adds distinctiveness. SEDOL codes have reduced trading costs and improved efficiency globally, minimizing cross-border trade failures. With country-level assignment and asset class commonality, they're crucial in the global marketplace.

Stock Exchange Daily Official List (SEDOL)