Who Is an Accredited Automated Clearing House Professional (AAP)?

Who Is an Accredited Automated Clearing House Professional (AAP)?

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An accredited automated clearing house professional (AAP) can find employment opportunities in various private industries and public institutions, including state or federal government offices that handle electronic payments. If you want to get a designation, having a few years of experience processing Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments can be beneficial. 

Nacha is a nonprofit organization that oversees one of the biggest electronic payment systems in the world. It is deeply concerned about cybersecurity and has developed a program called Accredited Automated Risk Professional to combat electronic theft and disruption. The ACH network is a crucial system that enables billions of electronic payments to reach their intended recipients. Many individuals depend on this network to receive multiple payments, including direct deposits of paychecks and government benefits.


The AAP credential, granted by Nacha (formerly known as the National Automated Clearinghouse Association), distinguishes adept electronic payment specialists. Grantees may affix the AAP title to their names for a quinquennium, amplifying employment prospects, expert standing, and remuneration. Renewal entails either 60 hours of ongoing education every five years or a triumphant reexamination.

AAPs Explained

To conquer the Accredited Automated Clearing House Professional (AAP) assessment, aspirants must grasp ACH statutes, operational requisites, ACH commodities and utilities, the digital payment cycle, risk oversight, ACH service promotion, provision of ACH-affiliated patron assistance, and more.

Securing at least two years of vocational exposure with ACH payments is advantageous for optimal exam readiness. AAP-certified individuals are employable within financial establishments like banks, credit unions, and governmental bodies at the federal or state level, engaged in electronic payment processing. Glassdoor.com suggests an average annual remuneration of approximately $76,000 for AAP holders.

Nacha's sphere of influence is in a persistent ascent. In the year 2019, the Automated Clearing House Network facilitated over $55.8 trillion and 24.7 billion digital financial transactions annually, as reported on Nacha's official website.

Nacha's Dual Role and APRP Designation

Nacha holds a twofold mission. Primarily, it oversees the ACH Network, recognized by most for ACH transactions like Direct Deposits and Direct Payments. Secondly, it functions as a nonprofit association fostering the expansive payments sector. As guardians of a global electronic payment system, Nacha extends educational opportunities and accreditation to industry enthusiasts.

The ACH Network facilitates myriad electronic financial transactions annually, amounting to trillions of dollars. For instance, if your paycheck or government benefits arrive via direct deposit, these transactions stem from the ACH Network. In response to mounting cybersecurity risks, Nacha introduces the accredited payments risk professional (APRP) designation, honoring specialists proficient in payment systems risk management. To attain the APRP credential, individuals must showcase comprehensive mastery of risk control strategies, principles, and mitigation methodologies inherent to the payments landscape.


AAP professionals unlock diverse career paths, spanning private industries and public sectors, including government offices handling electronic payments. Prior experience in ACH payment processing enhances designation prospects. Nacha's nonprofit status and oversight of a global electronic payment system underscore their cybersecurity commitment, exemplified by the Accredited Automated Risk Professional program, countering electronic threats. The ACH network facilitates seamless electronic payments, benefiting countless recipients reliant on the system for various transactions, from direct deposits to government benefits. As Nacha's influence grows, it solidifies its role as a payments industry leader, safeguarding and advancing the digital financial landscape.

Accredited Automated Clearing House Professional (AAP)
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