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Frequently Asked Questions

How to understand the statistics of my savings?

In this article, we'll review the key metrics of your savings statistics. Let's start.

1. Status - shows the status of your savings. 

2. Currency - shows the currency of your savings. 

3. Passed days - this timeline shows the number of days have passed within a chosen period

4. APY, or Annual percentage yield - shows the rate, according to which your profit is calculated. 

5. Redeem - cancellation policy, which means you can close your savings at any given time before expiration with the loss of the profit earned only. 

6. Open/Close date - shows the time when you opened your savings and when it's scheduled to expire. 

7. Amount - shows your invested amount. 

8. Profit - shows, what you have earned for the period passed (from our example - 4 days). 

9. Next payout - shows the date and amount to be paid for the period of 7 days (since the profit is credit to the balance every 7 days)

10. Re-subscribe - this option allows you to prolong your savings under the same conditions as you have now. 

11. Internal ID - this is for our support team troubleshooting. 

12. Transactions - shows the history of transactions within a particular savings. Please note, that the interest paid is not credited to your account until 7 days pass (since the profit is credit to the balance every 7 days)

13. "Cancel investment" button - allows you to close the savings with the loss of profit earned. 

So now you have a better understanding of all the numbers shown. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message to our support team. 


How quickly can I receive my payouts?

Every 7 days you will receive funds, a percentage of the total revenue.

Can I reinvest my payouts?

Yes, of course. You can open a new savings using the profit earned. Please keep in mind, that the min. investment amount is equivalent to 90 USD. Also, if you have auto-renewal of your active savings, it will be prolonged on the same conditions as you initially set it up. 

Are there any penalties if I want to close my crypto savings before expiration?

If you want to close your crypto savings before it expires, there's a fee to be paid.Fee % depends on the time, when you close your savings. In the example above, it's been 79 days since the savings has been opened, so if we close it now, a 1% fee from the initial investment is applied.

As a result, after the savings is closed, you will get back your initial investment + profit earned minus early redeem fee.

What is Advance Payment?

Everyone wants to get money right here right now and we have something prepared for that. A brand new Advance Payment feature allows you to get interest right after opening a savings. Down below you'll find some more details, how it works. 

There are certain coins, marked with a special badge, that indicates, that Advance Payment is available here:

Pick up the one you like (in our case it's USDT). A regular window with set up settings pops up, where you will find a green notification with conditions namely, the amount to be paid out instantly and what's the period for that:

Please note, that this part of settings is locked, which means it's not possible to change it. 

So confirm savings opening and here you are - the interest you expected to get in 30 days is on your balance today, sounds great!

In the meantime, since the interest is paid, after 30 days your account will not be credited. And only then we start to accumulate the rest of the interest till the end of savings expiration. 

How to open a crypto saving

HEXN is a crypto lending platform, that allows you to earn up to 22% APY while you hold your crypto. In this article we'll show, how to open your first crypto saving. 

So first of all, log in to your account. Then click on HODL at the top of the page and choose the coin to open a saving with.Make sure you have the coin on your balance. Just in case, you can check here, how to make a deposit. Once ready, click on a "start earning" button. 

Please keep in mind, the min. investment amount is 90 USDT or equivalent (for BTC it's 0.001 BTC).

Now set things up: - choose duration of your saving

- enter your investment amount

- check applicable fees (for situations when you close a saving ahead of time)

- ON/OFF saving auto-renewal

Proceed to the next step. Verify your settings and confirm opening. Well done, here you are!

Profit calculations

Here at HEXN you can earn up to 22% APY while you hold your crypto. In this article we will explain, how to understand APY rates and what profit to expect. 

To start with, on our home page there's a widget, where you can check your potential gains depending on the coin, initial investment and duration of a saving.
The rates shown on our platform are annual. So if you want to know % for a specific period of time (week or month), you can use the following formula: APY/365*X where APY is the rate we offer and X is the number of your target days. Here is a small example. 

Let's say you want to invest 100 USD for 30 days. APY we offer is 15%. Using the formula we get the following result: 15/365*30=1.23% - this is what you will get in 30 days on top of your investment. 100+1.23%=101.23 USD