Forensic Accounting Explained

Forensic Accounting Explained

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Forensic accounting involves applying accounting and investigative methods to uncover financial crimes. Its purpose is to inform the courts about the nature of these crimes. Forensic accountants track funds, identify assets, recover assets, and conduct due diligence reviews. In addition to its role in the legal system, the insurance industry also employs forensic accounting to assess and determine damages resulting from claims.


Forensic accounting combines accounting, auditing, and investigative expertise to scrutinize the financial aspects of individuals and businesses. These professionals, who are certified public accountants (CPAs), are typically employed by insurance firms, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies.

Their main task involves examining financial records and accounts and seeking evidence of potential crimes. Forensic accountants often serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings, providing testimony based on their analysis. They specialize in cases involving fraud, embezzlement, and similar financial crimes, where they explain the nature of the offense in the courtroom.

Work as a Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants specialize in examining and summarizing complex financial data. They gather evidence, utilize technology to manage information and present their findings in reports or presentations. Their tasks involve tracking funds, identifying assets, recovering assets, and conducting due diligence reviews. Forensic accountants often receive training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) due to their involvement in legal matters.

Support for Litigation

Forensic accounting plays a crucial role in litigation by providing an accurate assessment of damages. When legal disputes arise, parties involved rely on forensic accountants to analyze the financial aspects and present their findings. These findings help in resolving disputes through settlements or court decisions, especially when it comes to matters of compensation or benefits. If the dispute proceeds to a court hearing, the forensic accountant may be called upon to provide expert testimony based on their expertise and findings.

Forensic Accountants Investigate Crime

Forensic accountants are experts in investigating various crimes and assessing the presence of criminal intent. They analyze offenses like theft, fraud, falsification, and identity-related crimes. In addition to that, they provide valuable insights into complex cases, such as financial schemes and legal disputes involving contracts, torts, acquisitions, and intellectual property issues. Forensic accountants play a crucial role in uncovering hidden assets, evaluating damages, and determining the economic impact of breaches or infringements.


The insurance industry frequently relies on forensic accounting. Forensic accountants are often tasked with determining the financial damages resulting from incidents such as vehicle accidents or medical malpractice. However, it is important to note that using a forensic accounting approach for insurance claims primarily relies on historical data and may overlook relevant current information that can alter the claim's assumptions.


Forensic accounting is a vital field that plays a crucial role in the legal system, insurance industry, and beyond. Forensic accountants utilize their specialized skills and expertise to investigate financial crimes and assess damages resulting from claims. As the complexity of financial transactions and legal disputes continue to increase, the demand for forensic accounting services is likely to grow as well.

Forensic Accounting
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