What Is an Acquisition Loan?

What Is an Acquisition Loan?

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An acquisition loan is a type of loan that allows a company to purchase a new asset or acquire another company. There are certain guidelines and timeframes that govern the use of these loans. Different types of acquisition loans include startup loans, SBA loans, equipment financing, and business expansion loans.


An acquisition loan serves as financial support extended to a firm for acquiring designated assets, purchasing another business, or for predefined purposes stipulated prior to loan approval. Generally, this type of financing is time-restricted, allowing the company a brief period to utilize the funds exclusively for the agreed-upon objectives.

How Does an Acquisition Loan Work?

Securing an acquisition loan becomes imperative when a company aims to procure an asset or business but lacks sufficient liquid capital for the transaction. The appeal of acquisition loans lies in the more favorable terms achievable due to the tangible value inherent in the assets targeted for purchase, distinct from capital allocated for daily operations or product line expansions.

Assets obtained through the loan serve as collateral, allowing the lender to repossess and liquidate them in the event of borrower default, ensuring coverage of the outstanding loan balance. Stringent adherence to the specified purpose and timeframe is essential, as any deviation renders the loan void. Upon complete repayment according to the agreed-upon schedule, the availability of funds ceases, differentiating acquisition loans from lines of credit.

These loans extend beyond asset acquisition and can also facilitate the purchase of another company. In such cases, the acquiring company evaluates whether the target company's assets are collateral and assesses the combined businesses' cash generation capacity to fulfill the loan obligations. For large and intricate acquisitions, collaboration between investment banks, law firms, and third-party accountants is common to meticulously structure the loan.

Diverse Categories of Acquisition Funding

Acquisition loans come in various forms to cater to distinct acquisition requirements. The ensuing categories represent prevalent acquisition financing options for both businesses and individuals.

  1. Startup Financing: Individuals seeking to acquire a business without an existing one can opt for startup loans. Offered by conventional banks, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and other lenders, approval necessitates demonstrating operational skills and may involve a down payment.
  2. SBA-Supported Loans: SBA loans, backed up to 85% by the Small Business Administration, present a lower risk for lenders in case of default. This support enables borrowers to access favorable interest rates and extended payment windows. The SBA offers comprehensive assistance to help borrowers connect with suitable lenders.
  3. Business Expansion Funding: Designed for existing business owners, business expansion loans allow lenders to assess the operational risk firsthand. These loans often require a business to have a proven track record before qualifying for financing.
  4. Equipment Financing: While not a traditional loan, equipment financing provides funding with specific conditions for purchasing business equipment. The equipment itself serves as collateral, often eliminating the need for additional collateral or an exhaustive credit evaluation.


Acquisition loans play a pivotal role in facilitating business growth by enabling companies to acquire assets or other businesses. Governed by specific guidelines and timeframes, these loans offer various types, including startup loans, SBA loans, equipment financing, and business expansion loans. The mechanics involve using the acquired assets as collateral, ensuring repayment within agreed-upon schedules. This financial instrument extends beyond asset procurement, supporting companies in purchasing other businesses. With diverse categories catering to specific needs, acquisition funding provides essential support for business expansion and development.

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