What Is Sandbox (SAND)?

What Is Sandbox (SAND)?

With the rising trend of blockchain integration in the gaming industry, there is a notable increase in investment and dedication to developing metaverses that elevate the gaming journey. In addition, Facebook's rebranding as Meta in 2021 ignited a surge in popularity for metaverse gaming. 

The incorporation of blockchain technology into metaverses revolutionizes interpersonal interactions and redefines the concept of ownership for in-game digital assets. Among the most captivating blockchain game projects that provide players with an unparalleled virtual experience is The Sandbox. This unique platform empowers players to unleash their creativity by actively contributing to developing gaming items and virtual landscapes. All of this is made possible through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


In the immersive 3D metaverse known as The Sandbox, a captivating play-to-earn game, the convergence of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens take center stage. In this virtual realm, players can create and personalize their games and digital assets, utilizing various user-friendly design tools. In addition, these self-crafted virtual goods hold the potential for monetization as NFTs, which can be seamlessly traded for SAND tokens on The Sandbox Marketplace.

Serving as the fundamental currency within The Sandbox ecosystem, the SAND token underpins all transactions and interactions within the game. Players can earn SAND tokens by engaging in various games and contests within The Sandbox or acquire them via reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Origins of The Sandbox (SAND)

A revolutionary play-to-earn game, The Sandbox, immerses players in a blockchain-based experience where they can construct their own virtual universe using Ethereum blockchain-powered non-fungible tokens. By customizing their avatars, players gain entry to a diverse array of games, environments, and hubs within The Sandbox Metaverse, akin to envisioning a DeFi-infused incarnation of Minecraft.

Conceived initially by Pixowl in 2011 as a mobile gaming platform to rival the popular Minecraft, The Sandbox swiftly garnered tremendous success, amassing an impressive 40 million worldwide downloads. However, in 2018, co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget embarked on a transformative journey, exploring the potential of establishing a 3D metaverse on the blockchain. Their vision was to empower users with actual ownership of their creations through NFTs, enabling them to reap the rewards while actively participating in the ecosystem. 

In 2020, the new iteration of The Sandbox was unveiled, swiftly gaining prominence as one of the most rapidly growing games in cryptocurrencies, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Axie Infinity and Decentraland.

In November 2021, The Sandbox achieved a momentous milestone, securing an impressive $93 million in funding from an array of investors spearheaded by the esteemed Japanese mobile behemoth, SoftBank. This monumental feat was accompanied by forging more than 50 notable partnerships, featuring influential entities such as Atari, a legendary gaming company, CryptoKitties, The Walking Dead, and the illustrious hip-hop luminary Snoop Dogg.

The Sandbox: Many Ways to Use It

In the Sandbox, users can create their creations in a dynamic virtual world. Using VoxEdit and Game Maker, players can build and create their NFTs, such as avatars, virtual goods, and games. In addition to interacting with other players, the Sandbox Marketplace allows them to monetize these virtual goods. Let’s take a closer look.

What is VoxEdit?

VoxEdit, an intuitive, creative software, empowers artists and players alike to generate, rig effortlessly, and animate their voxel-based NFTs. These NFTs are constructed using square 3D pixels known as voxels, reminiscent of Lego blocks, and can be easily manipulated within VoxEdit to assume various forms and structures. 

Users wield the creative freedom to fashion an array of elements, including avatar-centric attire, weaponry, animals, foliage, game utilities, and merchandise, all purpose-built for utilization within The Sandbox.

The virtual goods birthed from this creative process can be seamlessly exported and traded on the Sandbox Marketplace as valuable NFTs, providing artists and creators a platform to showcase and monetize their voxel-based creations.

What is a Game Maker?

With Game Maker, you can dive into the Sandbox metaverse and bring your 3D games to life. And the best part? You don't need to be a coding whiz to do it! Instead, this user-friendly program makes game creation a breeze.

Imagine being able to design and arrange all sorts of cool stuff within your virtual playground called LAND. You can tweak the terrain, drop in characters and buildings, and even create quests using the awesome NFTs you crafted with VoxEdit.

But it doesn't stop there! Once you've finished crafting your masterpiece, you can proudly show it to the vibrant Sandbox community. They'll be itching to check out your incredible creations and join the fun. So, unleash your creativity, get building, and let the Sandbox community be amazed by your gaming genius!

What is Sandbox Marketplace?

The Sandbox Marketplace is a happening NFT hub where you can score some seriously cool in-game goodies known as ASSETS. Picture this: you can trade these ASSETS using SAND, the native crypto of The Sandbox. 

But here's where it gets fascinating. Once you've snagged those great ASSETS, you can bring them into the game by using Game Maker to create unique games. Think of it as your chance to build a world that's your style! These ASSETS come in all shapes and sizes, including entities, buildings, wearables, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Everything you create can be used right within The Sandbox.

The Sandbox has a whole ecosystem of tokens for you to dive into. SAND, LAND, and ASSETS are just some of the tokens users encounter as they explore this great platform. So get ready to jump in and unleash your creativity.

Token SAND

At the heart of The Sandbox lies its native token, SAND. This ERC-20 gem possesses a total supply of 3 billion SAND. SAND isn't your ordinary token, though. Instead, it's the utility powerhouse that fuels the entire Sandbox ecosystem. Every transaction, and every interaction hinges on SAND ownership. Want to embark on a gaming adventure? You'll need SAND. Craving a unique avatar or eyeing prime LANDs? SAND is your golden ticket. And let's remember the bustling Sandbox Marketplace, where ASSETS change hands with the power of SAND.

But SAND doesn't stop at utility alone. It flexes its governance muscles too. As a result, holders of SAND possess the power to shape the platform's destiny. How? Through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, proposals and voting shape the course of The Sandbox.

Now, let's talk about the perks of being a SAND holder. First, stake your SAND within the game, and rewards will come your way. Picture this: a slice of the revenue pie from every SAND transaction. But that's not all. By staking SAND, you also amplify your chances of stumbling upon precious GEMs and CATALYSTs — the elusive resources needed to forge higher rarity ASSETS.

Acquiring SAND is easy. You can participate in thrilling games and fierce contests within The Sandbox to earn your coveted SAND. You can also use cryptocurrency exchanges and seize your SAND tokens with a finger flick.

So, are you ready to embrace the power of SAND within The Sandbox? Brace yourself for boundless possibilities. Step into the game, unleash your creativity and let the magic of SAND guide your journey.

Why ASSETS Are Crucial

The masterpieces of user creativity ASSETS are user-generated NFTs within The Sandbox. These extraordinary voxel assets come to life through the artistic magic of VoxEdit. Once crafted, they find their way to The Sandbox Marketplace, where they undergo a magical transformation into NFTs, eagerly awaiting their new owners.

Within the game, ASSETS serve various purposes. They shape the world around you, adding depth and charm as environmental assets. Behold the towering buildings, the majestic creatures in motion, and the sleek cars that bring life to The Sandbox. But ASSETS don't stop there. They become an extension of your avatar, adorning them with fashionable attire or equipping them with formidable weapons. And for the ambitious game creators utilizing Game Maker, ASSETS hold the key to crafting unique and unforgettable gaming experiences.

The possibilities are boundless with ASSETS. Unleash your imagination, bring your vision to life, and immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries of creativity are shattered. Within The Sandbox, ASSETS reign supreme, enriching the game and empowering players to shape their destinies.

LAND: The Digital Real Estate

Within the enchanting realm of The Sandbox, lies the cherished treasure known as LAND. A digital sanctuary, it manifests as a one-of-a-kind ERC-721 token, forever imprinted upon the Ethereum blockchain. 

Possessing LAND grants players the power to construct their own gaming utopia, an ethereal tapestry woven with the threads of their imagination, all made possible through the extraordinary Game Maker tool. The scope of their creation knows no bounds, as they can seamlessly unite multiple LANDs, forming an ESTATE of grand proportions, reaching a magnificent expanse of 24x24.

Behold the beauty of LAND, for it holds the key to unlocking untold riches. Embrace the potential to monetize your gaming odyssey, as you graciously welcome other adventurers to your sacred domain. Charge a fee for their presence upon your hallowed ground or as they partake in your wondrous games, transforming your passion into tangible rewards, reaping the plentiful bounties of SAND. And should you so desire, the gates of opportunity swing wide open, presenting the option to sell or lease your meticulously customized LAND, allowing others to bask in the splendor you have forged.

A hallowed number, 166,464, signifies the total count of LANDs bestowed upon The Sandbox. To claim your own piece of this digital terra firma, you may embark upon the journey of acquiring LAND through the harmonious union of SAND and ether (ETH) during public LAND sales. Seek solace within the pages of the esteemed Sandbox gitbook, where a compendium of confirmed public sales and their sacred dates awaits. 

Alternatively, should the winds of fate guide you elsewhere, the Marketplace of The Sandbox and NFT platforms like OpenSea unveil a trove of LAND, though be forewarned, for these treasures may bear a greater weight upon your coffers than the official public sales.


In the Sandbox, users can create and contribute content to the metaverse. There is no predetermined game world in The Sandbox, unlike other popular play-to-earn games. With its free and easy-to-use tools, users can customize everything to their liking. Users can also monetize their content by using NFTs or enhancing their gaming experience by using it.