What Is the Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR)?

What Is the Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR)?

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The Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR) embodies a strategic arrangement among broker-dealers facilitating trade clearance independently of the NASDAQ ACT system. Within the framework of QSR, a broker-dealer gains the prerogative to transmit trades to the National Securities Clearing Corporation on behalf of a fellow broker-dealer. This streamlined trade clearance mechanism delivers enhanced operational efficiency, diminished transaction expenditures, and extended temporal scope for trading activities.

Deciphering the QSR: Unveiling NASDAQ Trade Transformation 

Unraveling the Qualified Special Representative Agreement, a pivotal pact affecting NASDAQ trades conventionally routed via the ACT system. The ACT system, orchestrating trade matches, subsequently relays the transaction to the broker-dealer's clearing entity. In tandem, this system promptly notifies the National Securities Clearing Corporation of the executed trade.

Trade Matching and Reporting Dynamics 

Within trade partnerships under the QSR umbrella, a mutual exchange between two broker-dealers takes shape. In this symbiotic arrangement, each broker-dealer assumes the role of trade emissary for the other, with their respective clearing entities pledged to validate trades in accordance with the agreement's tenets. Broker-dealers achieve trade harmony through engagement with an electronic communication network (ECN), effectively melding orders. Both broker-dealers and the ECN dispatch comprehensive trade data to their respective clearing entities via ticket files. Notably, the responsibility of trade reporting to FINRA remains with each firm. Diverging from the uninterrupted trade reporting of the Nasdaq ACT system to the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), QSR-sanctioned trades adhere to a five-time daily reporting regimen.


The Qualified Special Representative Agreement reshapes trade clearance, offering broker-dealers autonomy from the NASDAQ ACT system. This innovative arrangement fosters efficient trade transmission, cost savings, and extended trading possibilities. The QSR redefines NASDAQ trade dynamics by streamlining trade matches and communication through the clearing entity and the National Securities Clearing Corporation.

Within QSR partnerships, broker-dealers collaborate as emissaries, benefiting from an electronic communication network (ECN) for harmonious trade execution. Comprehensive trade data is exchanged via ticket files, and each firm remains responsible for reporting to FINRA. Distinctively, QSR-sanctioned trades follow a disciplined five-time daily reporting regimen, contrasting the continuous reporting norm. This regulated rhythm captures the essence of QSR's efficiency and collaborative trade landscape.

Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR)
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