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In this article, we'll give you an overview about - what's the service for and how to use it. is a new crypto platform that allows you to hodl your digital assets in a smart and safe way, earning a stable 12% APY — a return that doesn’t change based on market conditions. It’s a crypto-fiat financial service available for customers in many jurisdictions around the world and holding an official regulatory license, proving its reliability. Below you can find some keypoints about us.

  1. Wide selection of 50+ cryptocurrencies
    Are you a fan of classics? Earn return in Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT — or deposit your Solana, Polkadot or MATIC to receive stable 12% APY.
  2. Weekly payouts
    No more monthly or yearly contracts! makes an effort to prioritize their customers — so you have the freedom to define the favourable schedule of payout. You can even withdraw the return on a weekly basic and use it for your everyday life needs!
  3. Ability to reinvest your profit
    The best way to profit from the crypto you own is to combine the long-term growth of the market with the magic of compound interest. With you can set up the account in the way that earned interest gets added to your deposit, enlarging the return received in the next period.

  4. Lending service and many more
    Jump-starting its reputation and customer base with a rewarding crypto deposits, keeps building with the next big milestone being a simple and accessible smart exchange, loans services and trading bots.

Apart from that, is proud to have a growing crypto community of thousands of advanced investors supporting the project and putting their trust in it.

For any outstanding requests, we’ve got a 24/7 customer support ready to advise on any questions or requests.

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Hexn operates under HEXN (CZ) s.r.o. and HEXN Markets LLC. HEXN (CZ) s.r.o. is incorporated in the Czech Republic with the company number 19300662, registered office at Cimburkova 916/8, Žižkov, Praha. HEXN (CZ) s.r.o. is registered as a virtual assets service provider (VASP). HEXN Markets LLC is incorporated in St. Vincent and Grenadines with the company number 2212 LLC 2022, registered office at Beachmont Business Centre, 379, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines