HEXN is a crypto lending platform, that allows you to earn up to 22% APY while you hold your crypto. In this article we'll show, how to open your first crypto saving. 

So first of all, log in to your account. Then click on HODL at the top of the page and choose the coin to open a saving with.Make sure you have the coin on your balance. Just in case, you can check here, how to make a deposit. Once ready, click on a "start earning" button. 

Please keep in mind, the min. investment amount is 90 USDT or equivalent (for BTC it's 0.001 BTC).

Now set things up: - choose duration of your saving

- enter your investment amount

- check applicable fees (for situations when you close a saving ahead of time)

- ON/OFF saving auto-renewal

Proceed to the next step. Verify your settings and confirm opening. Well done, here you are!