What are the fees, commissions, and limits at Hexn.io

In this article, we'll go over the fees, commissions, and limits we have on our platform. 

Min. deposit amount:

- no min. requirement, except for DOT, which is 1DOT. However, please note, that some exchanges may set a min. amount for withdrawals. 

Min. withdrawal amount:

- it varies depending on the coin. In general, it's approx. equivalent to 1USD. 

Min./Max. amount to open a savings account:

- min. - equivalent to 20USD

- max. - equivalent to 10M USD 

Applicable fees:

- for withdrawals from our platform - fixed per each coin, does not depend on the amount to be withdrawn. This is the fee paid to the network. The final amount is shown in the withdrawal form. 

- for deposits to our platform - no fees from our side, though your exchange may set a withdrawal fee. 

- no other hidden fees

If you have any questions or need some assistance, feel free to drop us a message here in live chat.  

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