What is Advance Payment?

Everyone wants to get money right here right now and we have something prepared for that. A brand new Advance Payment feature allows you to get interest right after opening a savings. Down below you'll find some more details, how it works. 

There are certain coins, marked with a special badge, that indicates, that Advance Payment is available here:

Pick up the one you like (in our case it's USDT). A regular window with set up settings pops up, where you will find a green notification with conditions namely, the amount to be paid out instantly and what's the period for that:

Please note, that this part of settings is locked, which means it's not possible to change it. 

So confirm savings opening and here you are - the interest you expected to get in 30 days is on your balance today, sounds great!

In the meantime, since the interest is paid, after 30 days your account will not be credited. And only then we start to accumulate the rest of the interest till the end of savings expiration.