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What is the HEXN smart exchange?

HEXN Smart Exchange is a crypto exchange that redefines the way users trade digital assets by offering them different earnings mechanics. It was designed with a focus on increasing your gains while providing user-friendly interfaces, advanced security features, and unparalleled convenience.

Smart Exchange Options

There are three basic exchange options within the HEXN Smart Exchange:
Deferred Exchange: This option is designed for those seeking to earn additional interest by temporarily locking their transactions. It provides an innovative solution for maximizing gains.Regular Exchange: This is a traditional choice for those looking for fast conversions between crypto, fiat, and stablecoins. It ensures a quick and efficient exchange process.Recurrent exchange: Automate your recurring crypto trades, saving time and effort while taking advantage of the dynamic nature of the crypto market.
No matter which one you choose, you will be assured the best rates, wide, up-to-date token selection, and high security standards.

Why choose the HEXN smart exchange?

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive exchange rates, allowing you to maximize the value of your ETH when converting to DAI.

Security and Privacy

HEXN prioritizes user data safety and privacy. We employ advanced practices like multisig wallets, automatic transfers, hierarchical deterministic wallets, distributed datasets, and Shamir's secret sharing for enhanced security.

Seamless Process

The Smart Exchange boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing both novice and experienced investors to navigate the platform effortlessly. You can complete your transaction in just a few clicks and have your in your wallet.

24/7 Support

Have a question or encounter an issue? Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you, ensuring a stress-free exchange experience.

Time for action

Ready to exchange your ETH for DAI? Simply sign up for an account, deposit your ETH, and initiate the exchange process. Manage your portfolio easily with HEXN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use smart exchange?

Yes, the smart exchange is a completely free tool with no charges.

What is Smart Exchange?

On our platform, you can buy crypto cheaper and sell it higher than the market prices. While exchanging, lock your funds temporarily and then withdraw them with the interest payout! The longer the period, the higher the rate and the more money you will receive. That's what the smart concept is about.

There are two basic exchange options within the HEXN Smart Exchange:

- Delayed – an innovative option for those who want to gain extra interest for freezing their transaction for a certain period.

- Regular – a classic option for those who want to enjoy fast conversion between crypto, fiat, and stablecoins.

No matter which one you choose, you will be assured the best rates, wide up-to-date token selection, and high security standards.

What's the difference between deferred and regular exchange?

Deferred exchange means that you lock the funds for a certain period (min. 30 days) at a better rate than on the market, and after that, you'll get increased profit from your exchange operation.

What is the index price?

It's an equally weighted average price of a token/coin from multiple exchanges.

My coins are locked in the exchange, but I need them now. What to do?

Currently, the only solution is to wait until the set exchange period expires.