Understanding deferred fees

Sometimes when you want to withdraw your crypto from our platform, you may see that there's a deferred fee to be paid. What's that, and how can you avoid paying it?

This fee is applicable only to the amount of crypto you purchased initially via our platform for fiat. By default, its size is 4%. However, there's a condition to make it 0: you need to hodl the amount of crypto you purchased for 90 days. Let's take an example.

We purchased 300 USDT for USD using our bank card via our platform. Now we want to withdraw 600 USDT. In this scenario, a 4% fee is applicable to 300 USDT only (i.e., 12 USDT). Yet you can open a savings account with a total duration of 90 days, and after that period, when you withdraw the funds, the fee will be 0. Also, we want to highlight that the fee is dynamic, which means that the fees will be reduced as the duration of your active savings passes. Hence, if you have had your savings account opened for 45 days and want to withdraw the crypto you purchased with us, the fee will be 6 USDT (half of the initial amount). Below are some more points to take into account: 

- you can open multiple savings with a total amount equal to the purchased crypto with us

- total duration of active savings must equal or exceed 90 days. Please note that the system counts only actual days passed, so opening a saving for 90 days does not mean the fee is reduced immediately.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team! 

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