Profit calculations

Here at HEXN you can earn up to 22% APY while you hold your crypto. In this article we will explain, how to understand APY rates and what profit to expect. 

To start with, on our home page there's a widget, where you can check your potential gains depending on the coin, initial investment and duration of a saving.
The rates shown on our platform are annual. So if you want to know % for a specific period of time (week or month), you can use the following formula: APY/365*X where APY is the rate we offer and X is the number of your target days. Here is a small example. 

Let's say you want to invest 100 USD for 30 days. APY we offer is 15%. Using the formula we get the following result: 15/365*30=1.23% - this is what you will get in 30 days on top of your investment. 100+1.23%=101.23 USD

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